Sunday, June 5, 2022

DJ Dizzy's Debut in Stage Door Magazine

Hey there everyone its your pal DJ Dizzy here & if you all recall I had mentioned that The Flipside was going to be featured in this month's issue of Stage Door Magazine well here you go the new June issue is in featuring an article about yours truly & my work involving the blog & my song Stay Frosty which got a positive review.

Its a real honor to be taking part in this & being featuured amongst the many indie artists & bands & its even bigger thrill to help them get out there as well but here's hoping that you all check out the article & the magazine as well featuring the link provided & once again a very special thanks to KL Merchant for doing this & I'd also like to thank someone that's also been a big inspo to me that of Mildra the Monk

He's inspired me to do my own thing altough we have different things he encouraged me to follow my own path & for that I consider him an inspiration. So until then I'll catch you on The Flipside!

Stay Awesome & rock n roll!

Stage Door Magazine Issue #3 | PDF to Flipbook (

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