Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Sound Off: Maddison Beaz on AGT

 Hey there everypne, DJ Dizzy here, & I'm taking a break from the music to speak on that of giving already well known folks an upperhand on the hit show America's Got Talent.

Now I had spoke about this once before with singing group Us The Duo, & recently they've let yet another well known talent through by way of the golden buzzer, that of Maddison Beaz who is perhaps known for playing kid Selena in the Netflix series Selena from what I've found out. I also managed to do some more digging as well & she's also a well known actress who has also done some movies at that. So in all honesty I think she's using the show to launch her singing career especially having saw her audition.

While I'll admit that she can sing she's also going to put some of the contestants at a disadvantage because she's already famous & in all truth shoudn't really take part because of that and from what I gathered she supposedly was hand picked from the audience so while I don't doubt that she has talent I'm having my share of mixed thoughts because of this & my main point is to give others a chance to shine regardless if you're already famous because there's lots of undiscovered talent out there as is, but if you want to share your thoughts be sure to comment & also check out the links below to find out more about her & I'll catch you on The Flipside. Stay awesome & rock n roll!

Everything 'AGT' Didn't Tell You About Golden Buzzer Recipient Madison Taylor Baez


AGT's Madison Taylor Baez already found fame as a Netflix star in 2020 (realitytitbit.com)

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