Saturday, June 25, 2022

DJ Interviews: The Tropicanas

Hey there everyone, DJ Dizzy here, & here's my interview with a band who call themselves The Tropicanas. 

We started playing together a while back, just messing around really. We all got into music from an early age, personally for me it was listening to my dad's records from an early age.

We all have different influences, alot of them are lofi home, or bedroom recorders who just kinda showed us you can do it yourself, hence our do it ourselves approach to pretty much everything! 

I'd say, good advice it to really commit, personally, to being a creative, a musician or any artist. You have to be brave and show yourself, don't worry about what others are doing! Also that it's hard and sometimes unrewarding so you have to push through those moments of self doubt.

We make music like noone else around us, our influences tend to be bands people don't mostly listen to. We don't try to be different We just are, we have fun and while we take our music seriously we like to not be so serious or precious about our look or how we are perceived.

We have a double a side single coming out on the 1st July which you can presave here

And we have 2 gigs booked in August, one on the 12th at broadcast in Glasgow and then one on thr 20th at Sneaky petes, where we are going to be playing some new tunes!

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