Friday, May 20, 2022

DJ Interviews: Lone Crow Rebellion

Hey there one & all its the DJ & here's my interview with band Lone Crow Rebellion

 1. Pre-pandemic, 2019 — out of the central Pennsylvania mountains, veteran musicians unite and Lone Crow Rebellion is born. A Blues-rock band that draws influences from the blues, southern grooves, roots, gospel, and Americana music.

Founding members; Greg Long (guitar, vocals, songwriter) and bassist, Pete Horm enlisted drummer Mike Hughes and Keyboardist John Samanka to begin working on their first studio album “Ain’t No Shame!” A 10-song compilation including elements from the above-mentioned genres. Nearing its completion in January 2020 Hughes was replaced by the well-seasoned drummer Kevin Cowan. 

With the album now complete, LCR began booking gigs to support their creation but was immediately halted as COVID-19 reared its ugly head. For several months the band was not able to get together to rehearse, write, or record. During this downtime, the band resorted to social media and internet radio to promote their music. The title track “No Shame” and “Peace” first took off overseas and were very well received in Europe and The Netherlands on stations including VOS Radio  and Steve Yourglivch’s, Tracks Across the Ocean on Mark Skin Radio . Shortly after, these two tracks along with the addition of “Mr. Blackbird” and “Demon Alcohol Blues” were picked up by Blues Music Fan Radio  which airs exclusively, blues music genres all around the globe. To date, the majority of the songs from the album are regularly being spun. 

2. Each individual member of the band brings his own particular influences spanning nearly every music genre. As far as the band as a whole,  everyone from B.B. King to the Black Crows and Joe Bonamassa has had a major influence on our music writing. 

3. To all the aspiring performers out there. Do it for the love of music and set realistic goals. Keep an open mind and don’t paint yourself into a box. Don’t get stuck inside one small mold. Challenge your creativity. You may not particularly “like” a specific genre or song, but be open to listening to it, analyzing it, and learning all you can from what it contains. All music is a creation of art so use the whole pallet to paint a beautiful picture. And, remember to always stay true to yourself. 

4. As mentioned previously, the band draws from 
a diverse range of musical styles and influences brought in by each individual member. When all this diversity is combined it allows the band to create a unique sound and style of our own. 
5. There is plenty of activity at the Lone Crow Rebellion camp. Once the pandemic smoke began to clear the band was itching to get back to work. Out of the studio emerged the single “The River” with a fresh new sound. “The River” hit the airwaves strong with heavy listener support on Blues Music Fan Radio and was picked up by the syndicated radio program “At The Crossroads” broadcasting from coast to coast on FM radio across the U.S. and Canada.  “The River” has been the band’s most successful release to date and will be featured on the band’s upcoming full-length album “Coal Train Blues” due out later this year. Two additional tracks, “Orphan Boy Blues” and “Sneaking Out” have also been recorded and released for this compilation. The band is currently working on the additional tracks to complete this project. LCR is also working on another full-length album titled “The Blues Bird Collection” which is a collection of classic blues covers with some LCR flare. The 1954 classic “Hoochie Coochie Man” recorded by Muddy Waters has recently been released as the first track on this project. You can find the band’s music on all of the major music streaming platforms. 

On the subject of playing live, the band loves to perform in front of an audience and has been consistently booking shows across Pennsylvania, including a major music festival in Pittsburgh. They hope to embark on a mini east coast southern tour and potentially some dates in the Colorado area in 2023. 

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