Saturday, April 9, 2022

DJ Interviews: 22 Oceans

 Here's my interview with hte band 22 Oceans

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How'd you get started in music?


Mike - As a teenager I was heavily influenced by the 80's electronic music scene. so began to form bands with friends to produce similar music. Synths were becoming more affordable, so we managed to scrape a few keyboards, drum machine, 4 track recorder together and started to write songs, and I've been making electronic music ever since.

Carys - I started singing lessons when I was around 6/7 years old and then piano lessons from 12 onwards. But I’ve always been interested in music and have enjoyed writing songs.

Keeley - I’ve loved music from a young age and when I was around 10 I started taking guitar lessons every weekend, before that I just sang for fun. It was as we got into high school me and Carys would sing together more often, and now it’s become something I really enjoy.


Who are your inspirations or influences?


Mike - OMD, Yazoo, Depeche Mode, Vangelis, Erasure, John Foxx, Blancmange, Nikonn,

Carys - The Lumineers, SYML, Lorde, M83, RY X, Tom Walker, Lord Huron, Beach House

Keeley - James Arthur, Aurora, SYML, Harry Styles, The Lumineers



What advice would you offer aspiring performers?


Mike - Make the music you want to make and like to listen too, you will enjoy the process a lot more.

Carys - Try not to compare yourself with other artists and instead focus on what you have fun doing.

Keeley - Do not put too much pressure on yourself and to love what you do



How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?


Mike - 22 Oceans are a seduction of the vocal beauty and electronic orchestration

Carys - The mix between layered vocals, harmonies and synths, as it generates quite a unique atmosphere.

Keeley - We combine 80s synth pop music with more modern lyrics that are easy to listen to and could really appeal to anyone.


Any new gigs or albums in the future


We hope to have an album out Summer 2023.

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