Friday, February 11, 2022

DJ Interviews: Bute Street

Here's my interview with the band Bute Street


How'd you get started in music?

Colm - I started playing guitar at 16 and began writing songs within the first year. Started my first band The Polemics at 19 which later became The Sass. They recorded close to 30 songs. Done cover gigs for a few years in between The Sass break up and meeting Liam. 

Liam - Started learning guitar at University but it wasnt until I moved to Vancouver that I started getting serious about it. I left home to start a new life and that new life included getting involved more with music. I met Colm through mutual friends and we eventually started jamming together and decided we would start doing cover gigs as a 2 piece acoustic group 'Mop n Beard'. After a year or so playing in Irish bars around Vancouver we decided in 2018 to step it up and start a full band making original tunes and that is how we got Bute Street! We have been on an upward trajectory artistically ever since

Who are your inspirations or influences?

Oasis, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, The Kinks, The Clash, Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols, The Pogues

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

The music game has changed! Now with social media it seems that people want style over substance. So make sure your marketing game on point because making music is the easy part. Getting it out there and getting people to hear it is the problem. That is why we appreciate interviews like this! But just enjoy the music you make. Make songs for yourself, tunes that you would like to listen to as a fan and have fun

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

Most music today seem overproduced to us. We like a raw rock n roll sound. Something than can be easily replicated on stage. Our songs are a mixture of genres so its hard to put us in one lane. We have punk heavy tunes to softer Irish folk songs. With a strong indie/alternative presence in there as well. There is great humour and wit in the lyrics of some of our numbers which may set us apart. Irish humour rock n roll is a fine mixture šŸ™‚ 

Any new gigs or albums in the future

Our new album 'Eclectic Taste' is out on February 24th on all platforms. You can purchase the album now on BANDCAMP. We will be doing gigs in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled on all our socials.  Thanks

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