Monday, March 1, 2021

DJ Interviews Broken Space

 Hey there guys its your old pal DJ Dizzy here, & I had recently sat down with a band called Broken Space who had so much to say on their musical beginings.

I got started in music about a year ago now, what got me into it was my emotions really, I knew it wasn't healthy to bottle it all up inside of my head so I had to let it out in someway - though music was the best option, instead of taking it out on people that mean the most to me. I don't regret getting into music, I love it.

I have a few different inspirations in my life and people who I look unto like NF, Glass Animals, Jeremy Zucker and Tate McRae. They have all given me inspiration in different ways, every single one of them I've learnt from and how I can improve - even as a person I look up to them.

I would always tell people that are getting started into music (or any hobby/new job for that matter) that they should stick with it, you definitely do get moments where you doubt yourself and doubt the support you get but don't let that get to your head, there is people who genuinely support you and want you to win. If you believe in yourself then go with it - all the way.

I set myself away from other bands and singers in a way but not too far because then I can't engage or network with them which is very important for new artists or any artists. It sounds weird but I like to stay by myself when I make music but it's always nice to have someone in the same room as me while I'm making music just to bounce ideas back n forth to each other, I think it can improve music a lot more than people think. Even though I just said I don't like being around people in the studio, I also explained how I do - just depends on my mood and the vibe of the song I guess!

I've got a lot of music planned for this year but it's kept under wraps until the time is right! Every song you hear there's about 2-3 different versions of them with a different chorus or a completely different song entirely - I have to make it until it does justice in my mind and is ready to be released. I haven't ever done gigs or shows so I'll be waiting till the time is right for them!

Special thanks to them for this interview & I wish them lost of luck in their music, so until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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