Sunday, October 30, 2022

DJ Interviews: Tracey Lee

 Here;s my interview with singer/songwriter Trcy Lee as she shared her musical begins

I started singing in my early 20s
where ever I could even in the
summer time when I worked in
the Laundry room at the Salvation 
Army Camp for Inner city children .
One of the Campers liked to hang
out with me and we would sing 
together sometimes .
I was shy and Self conscious
about my voice because it's
very Unique. So I didn't sing
around alot of people unless
I felt comfortable.

So one Sunday my friend at the
time asked me to help with
Sunday morning worship
at the camp Church.

I agreed to it not knowing
I would windup being the
only person singing.

He latter on told me I didn't know
you could sing. My thought was
I didn't know either. 

I was always writing since I was
a teenager. 

I had another chance to go with a
Group and sing with them as they
toured the South But I didn't
go because I didn't believe in
my self. 

Fast-forward to 2017 this is when 
my journey started when I  decided 
to leave the mistakes and hurts from
the past behind to be able to have the independence I needed and to find out 
who I was as an Individual.   

I have many musical influences
to many to count but the
people who have inspired me
the most to follow my dreams
are my Old voice teacher my 
Favorite Ant and Uncle 
and My other Ant .

My Ant and Uncle on my
Dad's side told me I have a 
beautiful voice that I need to
sing out and not be afraid

My Dream is help encourage
and Inspire others through
music I write because it is 
written from personal 
experience and from the heart 
and that the lyrics are something 
people can relate to.

I am pioneering my own lane
My style and voice is not like
anyone else. I call my Self a
Girl with unique Style
An Author of all things

As a Producer I combine Styles 
of music that should not be together.
I do anything from County to
Jazz and back again depending on
the mood. My favorite style 
is what I like to call Poetic
Rap singing it's not the typical
rapper style you usually here
it's kinda more with a R&B and Soul 
vibe sometimes laced with pop or Jazz.
Some call my Style is Emo Rap some
Say I have a more R&B Soul vibe
My voice and style as been described
 as unique and having an Ethereal quality.

My advice I would give to anyone
who has a dream no matter what
The dream is. Would be surrounded
your self with positive people who
support your dreams. 
If you have trouble finding it join a 
Facebook group or twitter a twitter 
group . It doesn't have to be online
Find a group of people who have similar
interests as you do. Support and building
Friendships are important it helps on the 
days you feel like giving up.

Chose your platforms that work
for you like LinkedIn,Rebnation,
 Sound Cloud Audio Mack, You tube 
Band lab Band camp. Use something 
as your starting point. Put yourself
out there even when it's scary.

If you are blessed to be able
to have distribution put your music 
in many places so you can expand
your reach. Plus building online 
presence it's important for people
to find you on Google or any search 
engine. These things take time . 
If you are willing to work hard and always 
treat others the way you would like to be
treated. there is no limit on dreams no
matter the Age, Occupation , Status,Religion,
Gender, Preference, Pro noun, Single, Married 
What ever your dreams are do your
research never be afraid to ask questions
the only question that is wrong is the one 
you are afraid to ask.

I hope to be able to continue this
journey and continue to explore
different levels of creativity and share
them with the world . I hope to
Continue to inspire and encourage
others on there journey with the
words I write. I'm excited to see
where this journey will lead.

Lord willing releasing more music
Hoping to do some live shows online
Hopefully some In person concerts
in the future . But for now I am going
to just enjoy the learning and growing
experience of this journey. I hope 
to encourage as many as I can along the 
way Beacuse there's a lot of room on this 
bus of dreams going nonstop to the stars .
Changing the world one dream at a time.

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