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DJ Interviews: Party Of The sin

 Hey there all here;s my interview with band Party of The Sin

How'd you get started in music?


Hi, thank you for this opportunity so people can know a little bit more about us.

Well when we first started on 2015, we were just four guys that had been friends for more than 10 years, and been musicians for more than 15 years, started meeting and jamming just for fun. All of us played at least with one other member of the band before on other projects, but we have never been we four on the same band before. So at the beginning we didn’t have expectations, we meet to play with some beers and after went to a pub or a party for just have a good time. But, each time we jamm, everything was being recorded on a smartphone, so after that we listen what we were doing and realized that some good ideas started coming up and that we just needed to work to get some ended songs.



Who are your inspirations or influences?


What it give us something different is that we have more than 15 years on music, were each one of us have explore different styles, music languages and techniques, and had it’s own journey on music, and it seems that we fit, that's is what POTS is about. At the same time rock is something we all have in common. But listening carefully the album you can find on an instrument a little bit of blues, jazz, classic, folk, grunge, metal and more. As we are four, there are many many bands that influence on us, on different periods of our life. You can find out that when you listen to the songs probably you will find out wich bands are. This common on musician and bands, we are borned influenced by others and that's awesome. Talking about the lyrics, they are very honest, complex an simple at the same time, cause most of them born when we were jamming, with friends, people you trust, so you feel more comfortable to express and say what are your feelings and what is on your mind. Deffinitly they tryes more about representative personal emotions and situations and how society takes part to on each person.



What advice would offer aspiring performers?


If you are doing music just for your own, not interesting on marketing or have other people listen to it or live from it, just enjoy get crazy if you want and just be happy composing, performing, recording, just chill and be happy. If your goals are to win money and make your band a brand, then make a lot of lobby, big contacts and/or have money to market as hell your work so everybody knows who you are and how you listen. Be aware of the scammers, they are EVERYWHERE. Before that, make sure you have good songs, with good lyrics, instrumentation, mix and master. Release by singles now a days and put every effort one by one, a good video to helps. Of course, be on every the most important social networks, music apps, everywhere you can. If you can have a team that works for you and help you, would be amazing. If not learn at first, and this a hard part, of management, music publishing, royalties, booking, merch and more. Know your followers and listeners, with out them, you are nothing. Try to be honest with yourselve, listen to feedbacks but be very clear with what you want to say and sound always. Listen to good and bad criticism. At least, try to do something a little different if there is to many people doing the same, experiment and enjoy the process. Start making re known local first and then pass to the next step to closest places.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?


Party Of The Sin It’s a union of four people, bigger than us, something with passion, honest, expressive, sincere and more. We say this because each one of us gives an attribute to the band that the others may not have. Talking about each member, we have Pablo Stagnaro on the drums, Fernando Cordero on guitars, Zachary Arnstein on bass and Gabriel Sara at vocals.


A long way is between those days and now. We started jamming and now we have an album of ten songs, that we produced, composed it and recorded on a house, produced three videos, have signed contracts for licensing, worlwide distribution of the album and broadcasting and distribution for the videos. As well being promoting the band to get to different people all over the world through social media, radios, tv, magazines and more.



Any new gigs or albums in the future


First of all, promoting all the work that we have done and making people to know POTS. Party Of The Sin is our homonymous debut album, it has 10 songs. The different influences that has each one of us, gave something particular to the songs. We work with no bounderies for it, you know, how long should it be the song, didn't used the tempo when we recorded, try that the sound to be the more human and real as we can, looking for our own sound.


Looking for international gigs opportunities so people from different parts of the world can watch us playing live shows. But now a day has been difficult with covid-19.




Thank you very much for your support, for enjoy our work and hope we give you something in return with our music, joining you while you are jogging or running, on a good day at the beach, on a meeting with some friends, a trip, just on a moment were you need to be by yourself or any important moment on your life.






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