Sunday, October 16, 2022

DJ Interviews: Deep Fried

 Hey there guys, here's my interview with member of the rock band Deep Fried

How'd you get started in music?
A local act gave us an opportunity to open for them at a community event. Without that chance to get on stage, we might have been another garage band that packed it in early. And because of that, I will always support the next generation of musicians. It means more to them than I can say.

Who are your inspirations or influences?
Anything from the classic rock genre.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?
Nobody cares how good you are as a musician if they aren't having a good time at the show. The ultimate goal is for everyone to have a good time.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
When we play, people get off their seats for it. Not sure if that really sets us apart, but we're that kind of band. We tend to have that effect on people !!

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

An EP is in the works.

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