Tuesday, October 25, 2022

DJ Interviews: Black House Hill

 Here's my interview with Black House Hill

How'd you get started in music?


The band started in 2015 when Alex Gadde (rhythmguitar,  lead vocals) and Erik Pelz ( Bass, vocals) met in highschool and found out that they had the same interest in Music, They started to jam metalica tunes in Alex dad`s garage, then they got in touch with Nils leufvenius (lead guitar, vocals) soon they where starting to write their own Music. The band went through alot of drummer changes in the beginning but manged to write and record the first album anyways. They realesed their first Ep (2017) and later their first album ” First Fear” (2018).

but in 2018 they met William Martinsson (Drums) and Everything fell in Place. The now complete band Alex Gadde, Erik Pelz, Nils Leufvenius and William Martinsson started to make the album ”Release The Bullet” which came out 2019. In 2022 the band started to release singles for the new record which came out in July, after 3 years of writing, recording and fine tuning every detail (and a brief 2 week tour in Ukraine, 2021) the bands third album "Fame And Misfortune" was released.



Who are your inspirations or influences?


The band members have different Influences

Alex Gadde likes most 70`s Music like Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Tank and obviously takes alot of inspiration from bands like that but also alot of inspiration comes from 80's hardrock and Metal.

Erik Pelz is a thrasher Exodus, Slayer, Metalica amongst others.

Nils Leufvenius listens to alot of various artists that ranges fromDeep Purple, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen to bands like hardcore superstar, AC/DC and King Diamond.

William Martinsson is in to heavy but also melodic metal such as Behemot, Avatar, At The gates  Dark Funeral and other acts of that nature.

But all of the band members unite with a passion for NWOBHW.



What advice would you offer aspiring performers?


Practice and practice, try to do as many gigs you can basically reach out to pubs and clubs, work together with other bands and dont stop believing in your work.



How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?


Black House Hill's Music is Hardrock music first and foremost but we believe we have created our own sound from our influences, You can find that groovie hardrock with great riffs and licks but we have fused it with all of our individual influences, for instance we have many crowd pleasers with catchy choruses and we have songs with alot of double bassdrum work that are more riff based. We ourselves see this band as old-school meets new-school, everything that belongs to the classics with a pinch of new ideas and creativity.


Anyy new gigs or albums in the future?

We have been playing in and around Gothenburg Sweden this autum and will play there again in oktober 12th, we are looking to plan a tour in sweden in the spring/summertime

We have started to write new music but its just in the beginning stages still.

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