Friday, August 26, 2022

DJ Interviews: Vego Asia

 Here's my interview with singer Veho Asia, enjoy!

How'd you get started in music?

I grew up with my dad and he is 1 of jehovah's witnesses and my mother left when i was still very a kid growing up in a divided home made me a very sad kid i was a very shy too and singing was part of my weekly assignment.
We always have to rehearse kingdom songs before the next Christian meetings and that was how it all started.
My dad is a fan of music, he always listened to jazz and electronics.

I loved r&b songs and Rihanna was my favorite artist i use to rehearse her songs az and by friends would love to listen and they said i had a good voice sometimes we use to play musically.
Kids in my neighborhood always come to me to sing for them and we will have our mini concert i will be on stage with a plastic bottle cut at the bottom to change the sound of voice and make it loud and they sing along to every song i sang(other artist songs).
Then we relocated to another city my dad remarried i was going through so many things mentally and i couldn't speak out so i started writing them down.
There was this girl in my school i had feelings for and i recorded a song for her using a radio cassette took it to school and at launch break i played it to my friends infront of the girl and we was making too much noice that the teacher heard us i came in next she took the cassette to the principal and he didn't like the words in the song so i was punished for 4days.
When my dad heard what happened he wasn't happy at all so i faced another punishment at home for singing romance.
I became more motivated and didn't stop i always found a way to sing my mind out since then.

Who are your inspirations or influences?

Rihanna,50cent,fella kuti,French Montana celine dion,west life,dido,sean Kingston nicky Minaj,lil wayne,ti,and everything that sounded nice in my ears 

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

I use to think that i needed to be where the big artist are i use to think meeting them will make me a star but no i realized that it's a complicated journey and each of us have our differences and path so my advice to anybody making music is believe in yourself keep doing it your way.
Get a good team working on making you visible and never stop believing and praying 1 day it will be in your favor and the whole team will be booked for the tour.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

98 percent of my lyrics is base on reality my daily life and the things I've been through i talk about my past present and future.
I want the world to know my story and the best way i do that is in my music.
I never see anyone bigger or lesser than me and i respect everybody who is achieving their success in music it's their time and mine is coming and so will it be for those coming behind me.
When it's about music i never get tired of working am always in the studio even when i have nothing to work my headphones is my best friend.
Most importantly i dream bigger than my capacity.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

The End It (a song I wrote about the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon) Remixes collection for a charity I chose in Cameroon is out soon on streaming and bandcamp via quickfix very soon - it has mixes in many styles from producers all around the world - it's a very exciting project !  
I Am working on my debut album and more details will be available soon - meanwhile i have some good music out there available (like my collabo record with NZM Inc. & End It single on Quickfix). - i call on all my supporters to go enjoy.

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