Thursday, August 25, 2022

DJ Interviews: Blokeacola

 Here's my interview with singer, Blokeacola

How'd you get started in music?

Music is/was a big part of my family life. My dad is a songwriter and musician and we always listened to and played a lot of music growing up. It was perhaps inevitable I'd want to make music with friends and that's what I did, playing in bands for years in the UK before becoming a solo artist and then moving to China.

Who are your inspirations or influences?

There are obvious influences like The Beatles who I listened to from an early age but actually older kids I grew up around that were playing/recording music were also big inspirations, in addition to my dad. I can listen to all kinds of music and draw inspiration from it. Just reading about music or watching a music documentary will inspire me.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

If you're performing live, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Try to make your rehearsal setting as close as possible to how you will be performing. Once you hit the stage it won't feel or sound the same as in your bedroom so you need to know every bit of your material inside out. If you're writing and recording music just focus on what it is you want to hear and like the sound of. If you like it then the chances are someone else will. Remember making music is an end in itself, if you are pleased with what you're doing then anything else is a bonus. 

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
Haha well I guess putting this silly, orange helmet on has helped increase my clicks. In all seriousness though I don't really think about that when it comes to making music. I just focus on making what I want to make. If people just do that then they will necessarily be different because every person is unique. 

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

I don't really gig any longer sadly as I have a young family I want to be around for but I still put a lot of time aside to record and release music. My new EP 'Wig Game' is out September 2nd. People can check out my tunes at or find me wherever they stream.

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