Wednesday, November 24, 2021

DJ Interviews: Shena

 Hey there all here's my interview with singer Shena

My Journey in music starts with family.  My Grandfather was a singer who formed a traveling quartet that sang throughout the south.  He introduced my Mom and her Sister to music and formed the Mondy Trio for his last name and they performed on Radio shows in Chicago.

Thanks to my mom who as a child played so much music and put me in Piano as a teen. I studied Voice under Elsa Harris who was the Pianist for the Legendary Jessy Dixon.  I wrote my first set of Songs in the 90s and sent them to London and received a letter of interest.  I only had 3 songs.  Those times were very different A&R was looking for radio Ready production  and I didn't have the funding for that. 

I am like an unstoppable train when I want something so I have been trying every since that time.  My thought was if they like my song surely someone will sign me.  

My songs come to me in my sleep many times.  I have awoken to my phone buzzing and I see a text and I'm thinking what disrespectful person text in the middle of the night and I see that it came from me.(smile)  Its a song that I sang to myself so I wouldn't forget it.  I have written several songs that way. I believe this is a true gift from God because I often don't recall doing it.  The Pandemic slowed me down and I took many songs I'd written and began my journey in the studio once again.  I'm doing this with my own funds because I will not give up on my dream.  

I love soulful Singers:  Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Jill Scott, Adele, Pink,  so many more. I am an extreme admirer of Bruno Mars' musical style. He dances to the beat of his own drum literally and its refreshing he sets a standard for himself and is true to it.  A true pattern to follow.

Advice to other Artist:

Don't give up! Be ready. Have a professional Presence:  Website, Professional pictures, Social Media.  I'm a firm believer in music lessons to tighten up where needed; be willing to make the investment in your dream.  Listen to good feedback if you keep getting the same feedback, consider making a change. Submit your songs to as many radio stations/playlists as you can in all countries, cities and states.  Someone somewhere will like and play it:You just need to get started.  I pray a lot for wisdom and strength and to never get discouraged. Have faith and stay focused!

Set myself apart:

I have had so many radio stations and fans to tell me to continue to make good music. My songs are designed to encourage the listener in some way.  I will never forget how on a request line a listener requested my song and stated " This song encourages me so much".  I literally cried. This is what I want for all my songs listeners to be empowered.  

New Songs:

I am in the studio as we speak working on new music and looking forward to bringing positive songs to encourage and empower!
Special thanks to her for this interview & I wish her lots of luck n her music. So until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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