Friday, February 12, 2021

DJ Interviews: Kwepie Doll


Hey there guys, DJ Dizzy here & although its been a while I had sat down with a singer who answers to the name of Kwepie Doll who had so much to share on their success.

1) my family always played music when I was a little kid and creativity has always been in my blood as my dad is a writer and my mum is an artist.
I first started learning guitar when I was 11. I did my first gig when I was about 12. 

2) hmmm that's hard I have a lot of them from a lot of different genres
My main one is Robert Smith from the cure 
Others include: nick drake, John martyn, Tom waits, iggy pop, Patti Smith, john Coltrane, Kim Gordon, viv alberteen, Damon Albarn and Tim Smith from cardiacs

3) stick to what you love and have a schedule for recording your music. Find what make you unique and hone it be proud of it. Turn your nervous energy live into something be it dancing or intensity while singing/playing. 

4) I use my unique view of the world as an autistic in my lyrics as i feel things very strongly and I interpret things differently. I write about animals and space a lot as it is things I'm interested in/things I understand. I'm not good at writing emotions as I don't really understand them. 

5) gigs I don't know when everything will start opening up again. I am planning on live streaming 

Album wise yes! I am working on one at the moment actually! It doesn't really have a name yet but it's a kaleidoscopic view of how I see the world. Some are happy some are sad and some are strange. 

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