Wednesday, February 17, 2021

DJ Interviews: Danny Kean


Hey there one & all DJ Dizzy here & this is my interview with singer Danny Kean, enjoy!

I got started in music at the age of two when the family doctor noticed that I had large hands for my age, and suggested that my mother start me on the piano.
My father’s uncle (a noted Brooklyn Monsignor) gave me my first keyboard.
I wasn’t a great student right away.
But the music bug would get me later around 11 years old.

My main influences are Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Joe Sample, Dr. John, D’ Angelo, Prince and Lucky Peterson.

I would advise other performers to study their craft as much as they can.
The minute we decide to make our respective contributions in the pantheon of music, we are asking to be compared with the greatest.
And the line between good enough and great is the hardest to cross.
We may never get across it.
But striving to do so will bring us places we may never have gone, and hopefully we will have made some people happy along the way.

I set myself apart from other bands and singers by being myself.
Even though what I do is part of a long tradition: I’m from a different time, with my own particular experiences, separate influences and ideas.
I work hard to be both true to the tradition, and to bring as much of myself into it as I possibly can.

I plan on making a band record, recording the drums and bass to tape.
I haven’t played in front of an audience in almost a year.
But I continue to do live streams on Facebook and Twitter, and occasional virtual concerts for venues when requested.

Special thanks to him for doing this interview & I wish him lots of luck in his music. So until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!
But I look forward to playing live again post pandemic as there is nothing quite like it.

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