Saturday, September 12, 2020

DJ Interviews: The Pin Stripes

Hey there guys DJ Dizzy here, & say hello to a band whose making a big splash in the word of indie rock say hello to The Pin Stripes!

How'd you get started in music?  
Matthias: I started playing guitar when I was around 14. My brother was learning to play at the same time and I've been playing ever since. I've played in a couple of cover bands along with my brother. Niclas was playing bass in one of them and we started Pin stripes in 2016. Now I feel that it's really falling into place, and we have found the right sound and concept for us.
Niclas: I started playing late, maybe around when I was 24, but always wanted to play since as long as I can remember. Once I learned the first few chords I started writing songs, and I can't stop doing it.  

Who are your inspirations or influences?  
Mattias: I discovered blues, country and americana through rock music by sort of backing up the tape and discovering new styles that I liked. I\ve listened a lot to AC/DC, Gary Moore and Bon jovi. Stuff from when i was growing up. Then looked up their inspirations like Chuck berry, Johnny winter and Rolling stones. Scott H Biram is a great influence today and the music he listened to growing up. Lightnin Hopkins and Doc Watson among others. 

What advice would offer aspiring performers?  
Niclas:First of all to have fun, otherwise you will never have the energy to keep on going. Also to play live any chance you get, and practise on improvising and playing together with others. 

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?  
Mattias: We do so much by ourselves. We write the songs, record them on tape recorder with tape echo and a lot of old vintage equipment. Trying to sound as authentic as possible. It's not too well produced with pitch correction and things like that, which is very common today otherwise. 
Niclas: We are also only a duo so in our live shows we have to do a lot of things simultaneously. Stomping the rhythm with our stomp boxes, playing guitar solos over only a bass line. Sometimes playing harmonica, guitar and stomp box at the same time.  

Any new gigs or albums in the future  
Mattias: We got a new single being released on August 14th on all streaming services. An EP with five songs coming up after that, and a full album after the summer. We are writing and recording every weekend. It's sounding great so far.

Special thanks to them for doing this interview & also lots of luck in their music. so until then I'll catch you on the Flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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