Saturday, September 5, 2020

DJ Interviews: Pablo La Rosa

Hey there guys, Here's my interview with singer Pablo La Rosa

I started at 8 years old learning classical conservatory guitar, in my family they were all musicians and in my house they only talked about it, over the years I tried other instruments and none of them had patience, until at 17 I discovered the saxophone and He stayed with me until now. I have played all kinds of music with my sax in many bands over the years and today I am working on my personal project where I compose and sing my songs.
The truth is that I have gone through almost all the music, I like many things and very varied, but if I had to think of a few they would surely be, John Coltrane, the Smiths, King Crimson, Maxwell, Fito Páez, Luis Alberto Spinetta among many others
music is difficult and the truth is that it is very difficult to give advice to someone who is starting all this and it is because it comes to all of us in different ways and what I learned in all these years is that if you really want something and he tries hard enough ... he can get it and not because of his talent but because of his effort ... that's what john coltrane was saying and I totally agree.
the truth is that we all have influences and only the road and the years are making grooves in your way of seeing and feeling the music ... there is no need to despair, everything comes when it has to. you get to know yourself and look for it and that's when your sound is born and you differentiate yourself from others.
At this moment I find 5 edited songs from my personal project and 3 more on the way in the coming months, I would like to give dates but it is very difficult to do it due to the situation here in Argentina ... since we have been in quarantine for 5 months in a row strict.
Special thanks to him for doing this
interview & lots of luck to him in his music so until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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