Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Rebirth of music: In conclusion

uHowever the music world continues to evolve with new artists, genres, & styles alike such as cultural styles & genres which have been an impact in American culture & technology would then shape it such as auto tune & holograms of performers that have passed away & videos on You tube,
So in conclusion music is always changing & there’s always going to be people who’d like to share their passion & skills for it. That’s what makes a true  musician & singer. Though the genre or performers change along with it never forget that it takes true talent, drive & passion but most of all the music. Thanks so much for listening & stay awesome.

Well there you go my full thoughts on the music scene & how its really changed since then. With that said I hope you enjoyed it Stay awesome & I'll catch you on the flipside! Rock n roll!

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