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Stand & Shout: Let It Rock

Hey there everyone, DJ Dizzy here & I wanted to share something special with you all, This is an original story that I've worked on & I've been trying to get it published for sometime but there have been some setbacks financially so I'm going to share them here.

One of them is a series that I've worked on called Stand & Shout about a boy whos the front man to his up & coming rock band despite having   a serious illness & while I;m not going to give too much away I will say that it'll encourage others to follow their dreams regardless of a disability or illness. So here's hoping that you all enjoy it.

Let it Rock!

By Ivy Moon

(We see a young boy who has black hair with blonde bangs & blue eyes. He’s wearing a black shirt with dark denim jeans. This is Ramon Blast. He’s seen dancing around to a hard rock track as we hear him narrate.)

Ramon voice over: Hey. You see that kid dancing & playing air guitar? That’s me. My name is Ramon Jason Blast. You can call me RJ then again everyone does. For as long as I could remember I always wanted to be a rock star. But there’s something standing in my way of it.

(Ramon then tries to shout only to produce a whooping cough.)

Ramon: Oh ouch. My chest hurts.

Ramon voice-over: That would be none other than lung cancer. It’s already in an advanced stage & it’s really affecting my throat or rather my chest. It’s left me unable to scream or shout. & every time I try this happens I cough up blood.

(We see a woman with brownish blonde hair brown eyes & wearing on orange top & denim jeans she’s chopping vegetables this is his mother Mirabelle Blast.)

Mirabelle: Ramon! Are you okay? What’s wrong?

Ramon: It’s my chest it hurts.

Mirabelle: Oh no. I’ll call the doctor.

(In the living room we see a man with black hair & blue eyes & he’s wearing a vest like suit. This is Ramon’s father John Blast.)

John: What happened?

Mirabelle: Ramon’s coughing up blood.

John: Look I understand & respect his dreams of being involved in the music business but I’m worried that he’ll kill himself doing this. He shouldn’t be singing.

Mirabelle: Look John this is his dream. If he wants to do this then let him.

John: Well I’m against it.

(Meanwhile we see a man in a white coat examine Ramon from top to bottom as Ramon rises up from the chair. He puts his shirt back on.)

Ramon voice- over: That’s Dr. Parsons he’s been my doctor since I was born. Well here’s what had happened: When I was born my lungs were semi developed & I had contracted tuberculosis & it had quickly turned into croup. Though the doctors had treated it there were signs of it still left over. & that’s when they discovered that it formed a tumor. They decided to let it pass so they gave it a full month. & in that month the tumor began to grow it was too late so basically that’s it.

(We now see a young girl wearing her brown hair down with a bandana that’s blue & white she’s also wearing a yellow tank top with grey shorts. This is Sonia Blast Ramon’s little sister.)

Sonia: Ramon are you okay? I just saw the doctor leave.

Ramon: I’m okay I just had an accident.

Sonia: You coughed up blood again didn’t you?

Ramon: Yeah. But I can’t help it I really want to prove that I can sing but how can I do that when I can’t even shout?  It’s useless

Sonia: Why don’t you try hitting a high note maybe then you’ll get it.

Ramon: You know I can’t do that.

Sonia: Just try it. I like hearing your voice.

(Ramon inhales & hits a high note.)

Ramon: I did it. Uh-oh (coughs.) That does it I’m calling it a night.

(He changes into his night clothes & heads upstairs.)

Ramon: I’m going to bed now.

John: You want me to turn on your ventilator?

Ramon: Sure.

Ramon voice -over: I use what’s called a ventilator it’s a special device that separates the dust that’s in the air. My parents really care about my health although sometimes I feel like they spoil me. Let me give you the grand tour of the place. Over to the right side of my bed is my guitar. I got that when I turned 11.

(We see a black & green flying v electric guitar on the right side of his bed)

Ramon voice- over: I play it every so often. & as you can see I’m a hard rock aficionado I have a lot of CDs by the most awesome artists. The Flaming Crossbows, Slider that’s a J metal band, & I like Tracker. One of my dreams is to open up for them. My friends & I have a band called Trinity Blade & we rehearse nearly every day. But things have been getting difficult what with my breathing problems.

(We see Ramon in bed sleeping as we enter his dream we see him on stage with his friends we see a girl, Hazel a paraplegic who has blonde hair & brown eyes & is wearing a red colored tank top & plays the drums. We see a tall guy on bass guitar this is J.D. who is tan & has spiky red hair & is wearing black leather pants & a navy blue tank top & another girl on keyboards named Kari who has pink hair & is wearing a black dress with matching boots.)

Ramon: Are you ready to rock?!

(We see a crowd of millions of people cheering wildly as we hear a hard rock instrumental)

Ramon: This is a song that I wrote a long time ago.

It’s called “More to me.”

(Singing): You think you know all you need

to know about me?

Take a good look at what you don’t see.

Sometimes what’s fact is always

fiction. Between you & me that’s causing some friction.

Listen here. There’s more to me than meets the eye.

It’s not that hard to get it right.

Want to tell you this once

Get to know somebody

There’s a lot more to me.

(The crowd cheers insanely wild as well as chant Ramon’s name)

Crowd: Ramon, Ramon, Ramon.

(He awakens to find John standing at his door.)

John: Ramon wake up it’s time for school.

Ramon: Oh… okay

(He heads into the upstairs bathroom & brushes his teeth as well as washes up & get dressed. He then heads downstairs as his friends wait for him.)

Ramon: Hey guys.

Kari, J.D.& Hazel: Hi Ramon.

Mirabelle: Have a good day at school.

(They’re seen walking to school.)

Ramon: I had the most awesome dream.

J.D.: What was it?

Ramon: I dreamt that we were playing a sold out arena& it was pandemonium. My voice came in loud & clear.

Kari: I’ll bet it did. Lately it seems your lungs can’t squeeze out any air when it comes to hitting notes.

Hazel: C’mon Kari you know he can’t control it.

Kari: I’m just kidding

J.D.: Well it wasn’t funny

Kari: Sorry Ramon.

Ramon: Just don’t do it again.

Hazel: Oh yeah I should tell you that the talent show coming up. & on top of that there’ll be some record producers coming out to see it.

J.D.: Which one?

Hazel: Hot Jam records.

Ramon: No way!

Kari: Are you serious?

Hazel: Heck yeah first prize is a recording contract & the chance to perform your own sold out show.

J.D.: This could be our big break.

Kari: Yeah, we better get in on this.

Ramon: Yeah but first we have class.

(In class we see a woman with blackish blue hair & she’s wearing a green & white dress. This is Tessa Freeman their teacher.)

Tessa: Okay class who can tell me what the poet Augustine said in his latest works?

(She points to Ramon as he’s heard coughing.)

Tessa: Ramon are you okay?

Ramon: I’ll be fine. I just have to clear my throat.

Tessa: Are you well enough to recite the passage?

Ramon: I’ll try He was making the point that no matter what the obstacle is you should try to overcome it like with me & the dreams that I have right?

Tessa: Right you will reach them. & with that said we’ll be taking a break.

(The kids leave as does Trinity Blade We now see them eating lunch at the cafeteria which is made up of pizza, salad, hoagies & more.)

Kari: So what song should we do for the show?

J.D.: I’m thinking that we should check the competition so maybe that way we won’t be doing the same thing.

Hazel: That’s a good idea I heard that the competition is supposed to be a bit heavy this year.

Ramon: Well we’d better practice & fast.

Hazel: Okay then to the music room.

(We see Trinity Blade practicing their instruments a hard rock song is heard playing as Ramon strums his guitar.)

Hazel (Singing): You want to play rough

I’ll show you how rough I can be.

Don’t get cute with me.

I play like one of the guys.

Kari (Singing): One of the guysbigsurprise.

No need to despise.

Girls together: We play as hard as the guys!

(As the music fades the bell is heard ringing. They leave the music room for one last session of class then head over to the auditorium for the auditions for the talent show. One of the producers who is wearing a black suit & blue shades & the other who wears a grey suit with red shades these are Mr. Hunter Steele & Mr. Jack Tucker.)

Hunter: Begin the auditions

(We see a boy band wearing silver & blue suits with combed blonde & brown hair. They do some messed up dance moves.)

Hunter: Don’t quit your day job next up.

(We see a dance troupe as one of them stumbles.)

Jack: Not what we’re looking for thanks anyway. Next!

(We see a heavy metal band waving their hair as they play the microphone falls from the stage.)

Hunter: Okay don’t call us we’ll call you. Next!

(We see Trinity Blade set up their equipment we see a shaking Ramon as they take the stage.)

Ramon: Oh man we don’t even know any songs.

Hazel: Don’t worry all you have to do is sing that song you sang once at rehearsal.

Ramon: Which one?

Kari: I think it was called “That’ll Do.”

J.D.: Let’s just get out there & make this an awesome audition.

Hazel & Ramon: Right

Kari: Let’s do this.

Hunter: Okay let’s see what you guys can do.

Hazel: 1, 2,- 1 2 3!

(We hear a hard rock instrumental)

Ramon (Singing): Hey, Yeah!

That’ll do it for the moment.

Don’t want to hear your lies.

I tell myself not to fall for it.

 (Trinity Blade comes in on the chorus)


That’ll do it for me

I took my chances on you.

It ends for us.

You & I are through

I wanted to something but now I finally can.

I’m not part of your sick plan.

Hear me now that’ll do!


(Cheers & applause are heard by the room.)

Hunter: That was impressive! I think we’ve found our finalist you’re in.

(Trinity Blade is heard cheering.)

Kari: Wow you really rocked it Ramon.

Ramon (hoarsely): Thanks.

Hazel: Uh oh. That doesn’t sound good.

J.D.: Ramon you sound awful.

Ramon: Relax I’ll be okay when rehearsal starts.

(During rehearsal we see Trinity Blade practicing.)

Ramon (Singing): I want to rock you

Like there’s no tomorrow, I want to shout!--(Coughs)

Hazel: Something’s up we have to stop.

J.D. & Kari: Ramon!

Hazel: What happened?

Ramon (Faintly): My voice. I think I lost it.

J.D.: Are you sure it’s not shot?

Ramon: I’m sure alright.

Hazel: Let’s get him to the nurse.

(They rush over to the nurse’s office where Ramon sits on the chair. We see a lady with blonde hair & green streaks & wearing her nurse’s uniform. This is Renee The school nurse. She looks at his throat.)

Renee: Well it seems that your strained your voice.

All: Oh no.

Ramon (Faintly): Can I still perform in the show?

Renee: Unless you play your guitar you can.

(They leave the office.)

J.D.: Well that’s it we’ll have to bow out.

Hazel: Oh man & we worked so hard for this.

(Suddenly Hunter approaches them.)

Hunter:  Why the long faces kids?

Ramon (Faintly): I lost my voice.

Hunter: Is that all?

Hazel: What do you mean?

Hunter: You see I know about your ordeal here. I’m a shinigami & I can repair your problem just like that.

Ramon: What are you going to do?

Hunter: Here drink this. You’ll know soon enough.

(He hands Ramon an elixir. He drinks it. Suddenly his hair begins to go from black to blue & is now shoulder length, his blonde bangs become platinum blonde & his eyes are now a slanted and wisteria.)

Sage (Deeper voice): What just happened?

Hazel: You just happened.

Kari: Ramon you might want to hear yourself.

Sage: What do you mean? My voice it changed! I think I’ll try my luck on that high note.

(He inhales & hits a high note which shatters some windows.)

Sage: I can breathe & I’m not coughing.

Hazel: That’s awesome!

J.D. & Kari: I’ll say.

Hunter: What did I tell you? From this day forward Ramon is no longer your name. From now on you’ll be known as Sage Sparks only when in this form.

Sage: Well okay.

Kari: Oh yeah! now that our singer is feeling better will be rocking harder for sure.

Hunter: Now get in there & rock it!

All: Right!

(Later that night we see students as well as teachers gathered amongst the crowd of 400 people in the audience. Trinity Blade stands behind the curtain Ramon looks on.)

Ramon: Oh man I think I see my parents out there.

J.D.: Keep it cool.

Hazel: We just do our best.

(As they watch behind the curtain they hear the emcee. who has black hair & is wearing a custom white suit.)

Emcee: Are you ready for a show?

(The crowd cheers wildly.)

Emcee: Okay then let’s begin!

(We see many different acts perform as well as rap, pop, & rock groups. We also see solo dancing & singing acts.)

Emcee: Well that was entertaining & now what you’ve all been waiting for. Here’s an act that really made a big splash during the auditions. Give it up for Trinity Blade!

(The crowd cheers wildly as they take the stage we see them in different outfits. Kari is now wearing a purple tank top with a black skirt. Hazel is now wearing a red & grey tank top with black leather pants. J.D. is now wearing a green T shirt with grey pants & Ramon a.k.a. Sage is now wearing a long leather jacket with dark black shades over his eyes.)

Sage: Thank you so much. This song that we’re about to do goes out to my dad. I just hope that he’s listening.

(Insert ‘My time to fly’ by The Urge as the band plays yet another hard rock instrumental.)

Sage (Singing): It's my time to fly

Proving ground tonight

Try to be the best that I can.

I've grown to be a man
Only human can understand
I fill my lungs with fear and I exhale.
(Trinity Blade comes in on the chorus.)
It's my time to fly
Father, be with me tonight
I'm right on target
Keep the dream alive
It's my turn to fly
Got to prove this tonight
Sage (Singing): We’re in 2009
The refugees survive.
The whole of humanity lies in my hand.
Give me the chance tonight
To prove to you what's in my eyes.
Bring us to victory.
Dreams become reality.
(Chorus repeats)
J.D. (Singing):Let’s do it tonight.
(Kari plays a brief keyboard solo as the band follows with an intense instrumental.)
Sage (Singing):It's my time to fly
Father, be with me tonight
I'm right on target
(The chorus repeats)
All: Let’s do it
Let’s do it do it do it
(As the music fades the crowd goes wild with cheering.)
Sage: My name is Sage Sparks, we’re Trinity Blade & you’ve been rocked.
(The crowd goes wild once again with even more cheering.)
Emcee: That was Trinity Blade let’s hear it for them one more time!
(The crowd cheers extremely loud as they take their bows & exit the stage.)
Sage: I think they liked us.
Hazel: It’s not over yet we still have the other group to worry about.
Emcee: Now coming up next to the stage is a band who call themselves Boogie Pop.
(We see three girls wearing sparkling blue, pink,& yellow outfits. They have red, blonde, & brown hair with blue, green,
& brown eyes. These are Kayla, Marina, & Jade.)
Kayla (Singing): It’s party time so 
pump the bass
Going to rock you 
because we’re loud 
& in your face.
Better get down because
we’re going to rock this town.
(As the lights go off we see one of the girls slip.)
Kayla (Singing): C’mon & feel the 
beat cause I’m pouring 

On the heat.

(Suddenly Marina& Jade are seen arguing.)

Kayla (Talking): Will you two chill out already?!

Marina: Who are you telling to chill out? This was your idea!

Kayla: Can we please just get through this?!

Jade: You can get through it on your own I’m out of here.

Marina: Me too!

(They’re seen stomping off the stage as the emcee takes the stage.)

Emcee: Well that was uh unfortunate. Since we’ve seen all of the acts the only thing you have to do is vote. We’ll announce the results shortly.

(As the audience text in their votes we see one of the people’s Votes one vote Trinity Blade as do others text in their votes as well.)

Emcee: Okay guys the results are in. Are you ready?

(The crowd is heard cheering)

Emcee: In 3rd place we have the dance act Sidestep!

(We see 6 boys & girls take the stage in sequin outfits.)

Emcee: In 2nd place we have Master Yuki.

(We see a boy wearing baggy jeans & he has blue & silver spiky hair.)

Emcee: Remember the winner shall receive a recording contract with Hot Jam records as well as their chance to perform their own sold out show.

J.D.: Oh man what if we didn’t win? We didn’t come in second or third.

Kari: Yeah might as well give it up.

Sage: Wait for it.

Emcee: Coming in 1st place & the grand prize winner is, Trinity Blade! 

(We see Trinity Blade run across the stage as Sidestep & Yuki congratulate them.)

Sage: Oh my gosh. I can’t believe it we won!

Emcee: That you did. Anything you’d like to say?

Sage: Yeah to all of you people out there who voted I just want to say thanks for your support. & to all of you who ever had a lot of doubt just keep going strong & believe in yourself because dreams can come true if you never give up.

Emcee: Wiser words were never spoken. Let’s hear it for your winners Trinity Blade as they take the stage once more.

Sage: Thank you so much. This is a song that we had done a long time ago. It’s called “My way”

(We hear a heavy rock instrumental)

Sage (Singing): This time around is a new day.

Time is on my side as you can surely see I know for a fact that things are going my way.

Been through hard times but that all ends.

It’s a new beginning which I hope never ends.

I got to say oh I got to say that everything is going my way.

No more of getting pushed around.

That’s right the time is now.

Things are going my way!

Oh yeah things are going my way.

(The crowd cheers wildly as Trinity Blade rock the house.)

Ramon voice-over: & that my friends is how it all happened Looks like something tells me that this is the start of something new.  Now that I’m living my dream other than lung cancer nothing will slow me down. Believe it!






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