Thursday, January 28, 2021

DJ Interviews: The John Michie Collective


How'd you get started in music?


Long story. I first got the desire to pick up an instrument in 2000 when out of nowhere I wanted to suddenly learn the guitar.  I wrote my first song within weeks and that is going to be on my album which I have coming out early next year. The song is called “Wish You Were Dead” which is surprisingly cheery. As you can see it’s taken me a while.


I wrote songs on and off for 20 years and never thought I could do anything with it. I never came in to close proximity with instrument players and everyone in my social groups have been a bit too square to start a band. Only after being stuck in a really terrible job with money but no life did I take the idea seriously. My mental health was being effected by working 360 days a year 12 hours a day so I jacked everything in and changed my life. Moved to where I wanted to live and started actually recording songs. The album Visions by Grimes change everything and is a must listen for anyone starting off. The who album is recorded on GarageBand. That’s when it clicked with me that the tools are there and you don’t need an Alan McGee or Brian Epstein to sign me.


It has been two years recording, learning logic and so on. Has been a lot of failure but I feel I have something not to be embarrassed of. Song writing is fortunately very easy for me. The presentation is not. You can write a song in 5 minutes but spend a year getting it to sound the way it should.


Who are your inspirations or influences?


Grimes is up there just for her balls. She started by doing everything herself from artwork, mixing, mastering, social media, videos the lot… and now is dating the worlds 10th richest man. So, she has done well! She hates gigs and seems to have a lot of career control. Her mistakes are also on display on her early albums which I like. That is my career inspiration.


In terms of music influences. Noel Gallagher and the Beatles influence my song writing structure. Its words. Verse, Bridge Chorus etc. Noel Gallagher studied well as he stole from everyone who was decent in the 1960s and 1970s. So, as a teen I naturally started there. The Beatles blew me away as they teach anything goes. There are no rules. In terms of actual music, I am majorly influenced by Dave Gilmour Pink Floyd though can’t play the guitar anywhere as well. John Martyn, The Chemical Brothers, Bowie, BB King, Beach Boys, ABBA, Led Zep. To be honest I’ll give anything a go except commercial modern pop as it is terrible. Currently have been battering the album Now by Kim Jung Mi.



What advice would offer aspiring performers?


Make sure you have everything nailed. Ask for advice. Believe in yourself and just accept that you will make mistakes. Also expect everyone you know to not be interested. They probably listen to Simply Red or something just as bad so don’t expect them to recognise something that is good. Also, the same goes for Record Labels. They don’t know a good thing. You can tell it’s true as look at the charts! You don’t need them anyway. Do a Grimes! Just chip away at it and do your own thing. The really important piece of advice above that is be patient. The example of Jarvis Cocker who started Pulp at the end of the 1970s and didn’t get anywhere until 1994-5. I don’t expect to get anywhere. I’m happy with the music and getting 7 streams like most musicians. If you’re in in for the cash you are either a fool or incredibly well connected. Like how Mariah Carey was. Not everyone can marry the head of a record label.



How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?


I don’t ever want to perform live. Bit like a Mike Oldfield or Kate Bush after the first few hits. I’d do it for the cash if I ever did get a name and someone is stupid enough to come see me.. but playing the same 15 songs for 2 years and living out of a suitcase surrounded by people with a drug habit isn’t the way I’d see the world. Part from that I’ve probably got a better hair cut than most!



Any new gigs or albums in the future


I am currently mastering my first album which I am sad to see go but I have new songs to be written. My first single The Fool won’t be on it as I don’t like the song but I have some gold coming. So once that is mastered I have a lot of promotion ahead on the internet. I have a piano ordered if it ever arrives so hoping to improve on my uncoordinated style. And unfortunately, its ride out this awful pandemic which has cocked everything up. When that ends, I want to get drunk, see friends and see places.

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