Monday, January 25, 2021

DJ Interviews: The Incurables

Hello hello everyone DJ Dizzy here with the band The Incurables as we discussed their musical beginnings.

Early on and Band name!

Ray n Pat have known each other since kindergarten and started messing with music at an early age with different members until joinin musical forces in High School!!!  Darrin, who is Ray's cousin, began playin music in school at age five, and continued through High School, then picked up the Drums at age 19, joinin The Incurables roughly 3 years later!!!

Band name:  We were big fans of a local group from Detroit in the 80s, the Romantics. Someone threw the name The Incurables at us, as in Incurable Romantics. When I looked it up for additional reference it said “see hopeless” I knew it was meant for us.

Prime decade of Music influence

The Sixties – From Motown to Hendrix, It’s the decade that formed Rock and Roll. And with formats like The Beatles and Rolling Stones, it created the blueprint for what a band is.


Queen, Cheap Trick, The Beatles, The Ramones…

What sets us apart

This is a group of best friends having the time of their life creating a sound that is a mix of kittens purring on an angel’s lap and nitroglycerin being pumped into a woodchipper

Advise to others

Find your Band of Brothers or Sisters!!!  There have been a lot of big shows with big crowds. Traveling to other countries. So much fun and laughter. But honestly, every day I get to strap on my guitar and make noise with these guys, it is the best feeling ever.

Currently Recording New originals as well as The Incurables style covers for our "Cover that Thing" series.

Lookin to return to Europe, Canada as well as New dates in the U.S. after we get through these Crazy Covid Times!!!

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