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DJ Interviews: nON sTOP eROTIC cABARET

Gere;s my interview with nON sTOP eROTIC cABARET 

Interview with Non Stop Erotic Cabaret #nSECmUSIC

Timmy Faith (tF) and Damo Devotion (dD), ably assisted by their robot lead singer Marvin Magnificence (mM), are Non Stop Erotic Cabaret, an electronic band from Yorkshire in the UK, who make loveable, danceable, singalongable synth pop symphonies by collaborating via t’interweb, and rarely meeting in person as, when they do, they never seem to get anything done.


How'd you get started in music?

tF: Damo used to run club nights, and when we at a music festival, he invited me to do a guest slot.

dD: Timmy had dreadlocks at the time, which I thought was really cool, and it turned out he was also a brilliant DJ.

tF: You’re too kind.

dD: You’re right. He was an adequate DJ. But he was cheap.

tF: Not as cheap as you.

dD: Fair point.

tF: We then started collaborating on some tunes, and uploading them to Soundcloud.

dD: Then one of our tracks, Connected, suddenly got over 1000 plays, literally overnight.

tF: Damo sent a link to the track to a label, and they rang the next day and signed us.

dD: Who knew it would be that easy?!

tF: That’s how Non Stop Erotic Cabaret was born.


Who are your inspirations or influences?

tF: I am a massive fan of the 90’s Manchester music scene: New Order, A Certain Ratio, Happy Mondays… the list goes on.

dD: And I love 80’s synth pop: Human League, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and, of course, Soft Cell.

tF: That’s why we named the band after their first album. It was the one album we both owned.

dD: It also made us totally unGoogleable, so we came up with #nSECmUSIC as our hashtag.

tF: So now we are totally Googleable.

dD: Give it a go. #nSECmUSIC. Do it. Do it now. We’ll wait for you.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

tF: Do what you love…

dD: …and love what you do.

tF: We spent years chasing after every musical fad and fashion, but as soon as we started making the kind of music we like, it really blew up for us.

dD: And don’t forget to have fun.

tF: It’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement and stress of it all, the numbers of plays on Spotify and so on, but music should be, above all, a joy to do.

dD: If not, what’s the point?

tF: It’s certainly not about the money for us, it’s all about the music.

dD: Which is just as well, as we spend way more than we make.

tF: A lot more.

dD: We do like to shop for shiny things.


How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

tF: As far as we know, we are the only synth pop band with a robot lead singer.

dD: He’s called Marvin Magnificence, and Timmy built him in his basement.

tF: Neither of us wanted to be the frontman, so it just seemed like a good idea.

dD: On stage, Marvin does all the vocals, and we just focus on making the music.

tF: Whilst dressed as astronauts.

dD: Another idea which got slightly out of hand.

tF: How do you appear on stage, but remain anonymous? You wear a helmet.

dD: And if you are wearing an astronaut helmet, you’d look if you didn’t wear an astronaut suit too.

tF: If we could, we would travel to gigs in a space rocket.

dD: But they’re a bugger to park.





Any new gigs or albums in the future?

tF: Definitely to the first one, once Covid is over and done with, and maybe to the second one.

dD: Our first three singles, Connected, Mr Moogie, and Jacques Brel Is Alive & Well are on all the streaming platforms, but maybe we will release an album at some point.

tF: We have over 50 tracks ready to release, so it would have to be a double double album.

dD: In the meantime, we release a new track and video every month on our YouTube channel: - that’s the best place to hear our stuff. For free.

tF: It’s no wonder we don’t make any money, is it?

dD: Why do we need money? We already have plenty of shiny things.

tF: That’s true. Mo’ shiny things, mo’ problems.

dD: And mo’ dusting.

tF: If you want to find out more about us, hear our music, and see our videos, Google #nSECmUSIC and connect with us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud…

dD: …or the Twitter. Don’t forget the Twitter.


dD: Stop by and say hi.


Get connected with #nSECmUSIC:






Special thanks to them for doing this interview & I wish them lots of luck in their music. So until then I'll catch you on Te Flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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