Saturday, October 10, 2020

DJ Interviews: Gary Nelson

 Hey there guys DJ Dizzy here & this is my interview with Gary Nelson

How'd you get started in music? My Father was a country singer, he taught me how to play the guitar, and then his “lead guitar player” taught me how to play lead guitar. Then I started my own band at the age of 12 and never stopped.


Who are your inspirations or influences? My father was a huge influence on me watching his band, outside of him, the Beatles, Elvis, Four Tops, Dave Clark Five, and other vocal type of artists impacted my writing and performing.


What advice would offer aspiring performers? Work aggressively on your trade whatever it is, singer, composing, playing an instrument, whichever you want to do. Practice every day, and only listen to those people that know and understand music when it comes to whether you are any good or not. Listen to yourself; you should be able to determine if you are making progress. Perform in front of live audiences as much as you can, performing in front of a live audience is equivalent to hundreds of rehearsal hours. It makes you sharp, and forces you to be better each time you perform.


How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers? When I sing and perform, I put my heart into it. I sing and perform my own songs. I also utilize Social media for exposure for my songs and myself. We work on our material to make it great to listen to, and enjoy. We have fun on stage, people love that. When I compose songs I always to write something interesting vocally, I like to focus on melody lines that are interesting and listenable.


Any new gigs or albums in the future – Since Covid, all inside gigs were canceled this year, but we do have a few outside venues to finish this year, our next outside venue is September 19th, at the Hiwassee Store, in Hiwassee, Arkansas. I just released a new single “DownTown” a few weeks ago; it is now playing on my Radio Stations and streaming platforms. I have enough new songs to complete an Album, but am holding off because I sell my Album CD’s at our performances and since 99% of our gigs dried up due to Covid, I will wait until things open up for the new CD Album. You can hear my music at WWW.GearyNelson.Com

Special thanks to him for doing this interview. Until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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