Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sound Off Super bowl Halftime show

Hey there everyone its your old pal DJ Dizzy here & I had the pleasure of checking out the Super bowl half time show which featured Jennifer Lopez & Shakira who were the first ever female Latino performers to ever perform together in the Super bowl's history.

This was a real treat seeing them both together & starting things off was Shakira who lead things off with a medley of some of her hit songs along with rapper Bad Bunny as J. Lo would then later come in doing a medley of her songs with J Baldwin they then would both come together on the song "Lets Get Loud." But I really enjoyed the classic dance mix of "Waiting for tonight"

Both of them really did a decent job in their performances & as for their guests they did a great job on their rapping as well. This was perhaps the biggest land mark to feature performers of Latina descent performing on the same stage together for the first time in the half time show's history.

I have to say that the Super bowl half time show has had their share of performers over the years who each gave their share of memorable performances (Except the one last year but I'll cover that one in a minute.) But overall I have to give it to the both of them for doing an awesome job on both their parts.

Now as for the half time show last year okay first off when you have Maroon 5 involved the thing to do is to actually have a full performance of Sweet Victory instead of cutting it off that really would've been worth watching & turning up the volume for. I had to change the channel the moment I saw that & I wasn't the only one disappointed by this but here's a little tip never ask Maroon 5 to do a half time show.

But those are my thoughts regarding this year's half time show & last years at that & in spirit of what should've been last year so until then I'll catch you on the flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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