Friday, November 2, 2018

DJ Interviews: The Midges

Hello one & all  DJ  Dizzy here  bringing you another interview with a band named The Midges who had a lot to say about their success,  Pull up a chair & enjoy:

How'd you get started in music?
My uncle was a DJ and I sang all the stuff he played when I was about four or so. Music & movies fascinated me always. I wanted to be a singer already in the Kindergarden. I guess it was when I was sixteen when I started to write songs
on my guitar. My first band I formed one year before the Berlin wall came down. We were three fellows with a U2-like sound but mostly played our own songs.  I realized I needed more musicians than three to bring my ideas on stage.
In about 1996 a good friend & I formed what should later become The Midges. For that concept I had written new songs. Over the years the line-up of the band changed a lot. Our first album we released in 2000. In the end I was not so
happy with its sound, but still love the songs, which are also part of our live shows. For the current album "End of fireworks" I concluded to take more time in arranging & recording - to finally not make te same mistakes. With the
superb drummer and friend Olli Becker I had the perfect partner for this project. We recorded in Berlin, Munich and Bristol (Toyboxstudios). I was very happy to work with Stef Hambrook (our co-producer) on all those important details
which make END OF FIREWORKS so worth listening. The bass is played by the brilliant Marcus Schloussen. The three of us (Olli, Marcus, Mario) played the main parts on the album. The rest was done by guest musicians. Our live show line-up
is completed with Matty Kahra (guit) and Andreas Reinmann (keys).

Who are your inspirations or influences?

A wonderful question! I think I could name at least five at once. I love the music of The Beatles. I guess they are one of the reasons I started to make music at all. Another big point goes to Pink Floyd & The Electric Light Orchestra.
A very important source of inspiration comes from movies: I love old films, black & white and stuff. To name one of my hereos: Alfred Hitchcock. These brilliant soundtracks of this era fascinated me a lot, already in my childhood. In
this respect I need to mention Claude Debussy. The great composer of the Impressionism. As the Beatles he manages it to make me feel good with just a single note. There are more influences but this surely would make a new interview.

What advice would offer aspiring performers?

Believe in yourself. Do not try to copy your idols. Do rehearse their music but find your own stile. Never forget to have fun. Respect your audience. Get in good contact to them. Be creative!

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

Our main aim in the last months was to produce some new material and videos. At the moment we are shooting a new music clip to one song of the album. A new single is just recorded and will be released hopefully at the beginning of the
next year.
I wish them nothing but luck in their success & their careers & if you're looking to hear any of their songs feel free to click the link below so until then stay awesome & rock n roll!

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