Friday, November 16, 2018

DJ Interviews: Dragon's Eye

Hey there its the DJ coming at you with an interview with a band called Dragon's Eye who had a lot to say regarding their music & success.

Here are our answers. Hope this is ok.
Mark; Lead guitar,back up vocals -1st question. I had a friend who played and I became interested. 

2nd- any rock guitarist from the 70s on. 

3rd- develope your ear. Don't just rely on tablature. 4th- our band does a variety of music that sets us apart from other bands. 5th- hopefully an album down the road that's well thought out and rocks.::::: 

Robbie;Bass,back up vocals-1 ) started play bass in church at 11 yrs
2)Influences for me was gene simmons and Steve Harris iron maiden
3) play with your feelings 
4) by playing with feelings and attitude lol:   No answer for number five. Lolol. :::::::::

Kris;Drums-1.I was born with an interest in beats and music..from pots and pans at 3 or 4 yrs old to my first drum-set at 11..i play guitar as well but only got into the harder stuff with every instrument gives diff vibes and feelings with there own creativity.

2.I have toooo many influences but to name a few are danny carrey,neil peart,vinnie paul,and bran dailor of Mastadon.

.3.anyone who wants to pursue any kind of music b it a band or whatever GO FOR IT!! u never know how much it could help u or someone else..and the cool thing is that even if u just look kool u rock whether u suck or not!!! Lolol jk but seriously music is an international language and is used in every emotion there is so why not give it a go...esp if u are into it.

4.i think our band is very unique espesially for a cover band because we play ALOT of different styles from people whom we all looked up to\grew up to and every song we redo adds outlr own individual styles and feelings into it which makes for some legit badassery lol all musicians are apart from eachother.i mean u dont know the heart sweat and tears that goes into ANYONES jams unless its your own so tht alone sets us apart.

5.there will b alot of shows booked in the future and as a matter of fact they havent stopped since we got together.thats part of bn a band is loving to play live esp ifpeople r diggin it and yess id love to cut an album if not for any other reason aside from the memories and or jams weve put together.and. to listen to down the but shows and studio time is inevitable when u love the misic u play.::;::::            

Roger;Lead vocals-1.Ive always been interested in music since a young age.  Always singing but i can play a few instruments.sang alot in church and in the shower lolol. 2.Vince Neil, Layne Staley,Sully Earna Dio,and Jon Bon Jovi. Yes i said him because who doesn't love Wanted Dead or Alive. 3.Dont quit pursuing your dreams, give your best. 4.We have our own sound and twist on the tunes we cover. 5.Hopefully a cool album in the near future. 

Special thanks to them for doing this interview & lot of luck in their music. So with that said I'll catch you on the flipside. So until next time.....

Stay Awesome & rock n roll! 

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