Sunday, August 19, 2018

Farewell Queen Aretha

Hello folks DJ Dizzy here with some sad news to report. We lost a beloved icon of music the legendary Queen of soul herself Aretha Franklin just last week to pancreatic cancer at 76.

She was best known for her hit songs, "Think & "Respect" as well as "Rock Steady" & "Daydreaming" to name a few. She wasn't just a singer but also an activist for everyone's rights speaking out on anything that was troubling the community. Now when I first heard the news that she wasn't doing too well I sent nothing but my prayers because when it came to her being sick she was a trooper who bounced back but when it came to her passing I was so devastated that words couldn't express my shock & sadness that I was feeling at that time.

I first saw some of her videos when I was really little as she did a performance of her hit song in a clip & since then she's been a pillar of inspiration. To me she was a person that not only possessed a kind soul but a beautiful & gentle heart by giving us all a voice to be heard  not just by her talent but her words knowing how to captivate her audience or rile up a crowd just by getting involved with whatever cause she held dearly.

But she was more than a singer, she was a grandparent, cook, but all in all down to earth she was a woman who gave us all a gift & a voice & there's no replacing her & she's forever loved, missed & remembered. Rest well dear Queen & thank you so much for your legacy & your gifts we'll love & miss you dearly.

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