Friday, August 3, 2018

DJ Interviews: Siren's Breath

Hello, peoples! DJ Dizzy here & I recently interviewed a group called Siren's Breath who's fresh off their tour. So sit back & enjoy!

How'd you get started in music?

Rachael: I sang in theater and choir in school.  I loved musicals and wanted to sing as characters.  In high school I discovered 90’s alt/grunge music and realized a passion for rock.  When I got into classic rock music like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, I knew that I not only wanted to sing rock music but write and perform my own rock songs.

Chris & Chris: We got started in music due to our love for the energy and excitement of the music of Led Zeppelin.  Once we heard that, we knew we wanted to be involved.

Who are your biggest influences & inspirations?

Rachael: My influences and inspirations specific to rock are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, U2, and Green Day.  Jimmy Buffett is also one of my biggest inspirations as are many broadway musicals such as Les Miserables, and Hamilton.

Chris & Chris: Our biggest influences and inspirations are The Cult, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, and J.S. Bach.

How would you say music has impacted your life?

Music is a profound part of our lives.  There is nothing that can compare to playing and writing music.  It is one of the greatest thrills in life. I mean, how do you live without it?

Any advice for any aspiring performers?

Get ready to learn a lot of new skills and to work hard.  Writing music, recording, and performing are the easy parts because it’s what we love and want to put our time and energy into.
 Managing, marketing, social media, and trying to get the music out there to the right audience is much harder. It definitely has a learning curve, and we’re still trying to figure it out.  Perseverance is the key as well as continuing to write new music and always improving on our art and ourselves. 

Any new gigs or albums?

We’re writing new songs inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth, hopefully to create a full album. We’ve also written a story about the origin of the mythical Sirens and want to put that into a rock opera concept album. 
Our main goal right now, however is to promote Beautiful Aftermath and try to find an audience that will enjoy our music. We want to play as many live shows and festivals as possible in 2019.

Siren's Breath

Chris Brown--guitar
Rachael Lacina-Taylor--vocals
Christopher Gray--bass/keyboard

I wish them nothing but good luck in their careers & here's hoping that the continue to make music
So until then be righteous & I'll catch you on the flipside!

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