Tuesday, July 3, 2018

DJ Interviews: Colorblind Dragons

Hello one & all Its your old friend DJ Dizzy here & I say down with a diversely musical band called the Color Blind Dragons

First of all this band is a very mixed group; but all three of us were brought up around music. We all started playing music from an early age but all have quite different musical backgrounds - rock guitar, classical and a hardwired desire to sing.
Since there are three of us, we really have to give three answers here. Our guitarist says that Pete Townshend changed his life, the vocalist says Roy Orbison inspired him and the keyboard player says that Bach is his biggest influence.
Music is the reason we get up in the morning.
We recently released our first single (Blue Eternity/Sargasso) digitally, and will be releasing another two singles very soon - the next single (Wham Bam Baby) is an electronic song and it's a deperature from our usual musical style. The full album (Redd) is in the final production stage and should be released in the next couple months. It's an 18 track concept album, but we will let it speak for itself upon release.

Colorblind Dragons are a band that I hope you check out & I wish them luck in their success & special thanks to them for doing this interview  so until then be righteous & I'll catch you on the flipside!

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