Thursday, April 6, 2023

DJ Reviews: Shen Yun

Hey there everyone its your old friend The DJ coming at you with a little something different, that of a review of a play called Shen Yun

Shen Yun tells the story of China's histiry & folklore through interpretive dancing & their many different styles & the performers though from all aorund the world train in New York & there were two narrators one who spoke Eglish & another who interpreted things in Chinese (She had some nice dresses off hand.)

The Dances,

The performes all performed a unique style of dancing that looked like a combo of ballet, tai chi, & 80 style break dancing, some of it incorperated martial arts inspiried movements which were graceful at that there were some props used such as swords & ribbons to add on to the effects.

The stories,

There were so many stories that were depicted from Chinese folklore & novels, one of them being Sacred Quest Through The Vermilion Kingdom which is the retelling of Journey To The West in which a buddhist monk & his friends arrive in a remote kingdom where their help is seriously needed, 

There was also Monk Lu, a story in which a monk while well meaning whose drunken behavior gets him kicked out of the monestary  & he's confronted by bullies who later take him to court, this story is based on the novel Outlaws Of The Marsh 

Flight of The Celestial Maidens tells the story of celstial beings who soar on the clouds of the golden tilight & there's also one called Snowy Mountain which tell the story of Himalaiyan culture & how it has been shaped by the elements. These are just a few examples of the stories that were told in the play but I Yhe effectshighly reccomend them.

The effects & musical performances,

There was also a 3D style screen instead of using an actual set & the actors would vanish behind it as the stories progressed on which was really amazing & for one performance there was a fog machine to provide a cloud effect for the celestial maiden dance which was breath taking.

There were also a couple of musical performances as accompanied by a piano player some of them featured a barritone singer, one performer who was a saprono & another who played a unqie instrument called the armoon which was like a violin & the orchestra even played a part ith each musician playing their instrument as both narrators credited them they all did a beautiful job

In conclusion,

Shen Yun is a real must see right down to the effects, dancing, & the musical performances but wha you'll really get out of it are interesting facts about China's herritage & culture, its running time is three hours & its worth it because I had learned a lot & found myself mesmerized by it so I give it a full 10.& this is one play I highly recommend checking out.

So until then I'll catch you on The Flipside, stay awesome & rock n roll!

Shen Yun performances

Shen Yun Performing Arts Intro - YouTube

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Shen Yun Performing Arts Intro - YouTube

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