Friday, July 8, 2022

DJ Interviews Steven Tipton.

 Hey there guys, DJ Dizzy here & here's my interview with singer Steven Tipto

My mother was a Bluegrass musician who played drums piano guitar and accordion. I
I was influenced by The Beatles The Who ,Ozzy,Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains,Pearl Jam
VanHalen , Radio Head
I self taught on guitar and drums and keyboards, realized I could sing a little ! So I started writing songs..I found it hard to get other musicians on board with originas and playing covers gets boring so I started experimenting with ways to make my songs alone and play ALL the parts.
I found an app called Bandlab that lets me record and has every instrument within the app. Even drums be which are laid out across the phone screen and I play them with my fingers and thumbs I don't use samples or Loops I play Everything live and record it live every drum track you hear on my song is me actually playing the entire song with my fingers record that track then I play the bass over that then the guitars then the keyboards and then I sing all the vocals lead in backup did I mix it then I make a video and then I release it on YouTube and it becomes a Steve Tipton track.
I call it cell phone art because the entire song is written and recorded and produced on my cell phone I don't even own a microphone just a guitar but I can play every instrument which is why the drums and keyboards sound the way they do because I am actually playing them with my fingers only I'm doing it on the screen of my phone that's what sets me apart. I'm not the best singer but I am okay songwriter.
I release singles at a time lately it's been two to three a year because it takes about 30 hours to make one four minute cell phone song. And that's spread out over weeks. It's a very difficult process each one is my baby.
I've been signed twice ...discovered on YouTube by two different labels.. Atomic records and Clean Artist records ...I had an album release called (cell phone songs from the stairwell)
I recently released a single called burning spaces just two weeks ago which is about being a Nomad or roaming sole burning bridges as I 

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