Saturday, May 9, 2020

Goodbye Lil Richard

Hey there everyone its your old pal DJ Dizzy here & I have some seriously devastating news & its with a sad decree that I announce that rock n roll pioneer Little Richard has died at the age of 87.
He was best known for his flamboyant persona when performing & he was also well known as the architect of rock n roll.

He made countless TV appearances in the 90s & did a cameo in the 1997 movie Why Do Fools Fall In Love? He also has spawned countless hit songs & records through many decades & has been a real inspiration for many artists.

Now from my point of view I had the pleasure of being introduced to his music when I was really little & the first song I think I ever heard him do was his cover of Itsy Bitsy Spider along with Tutti- Fruitti & since then I've been a fan, I didn't really know what to think of him at first because when I first saw him I saw this black guy dressed up in a sequin suit with curly hair shouting out loud & I was like a bit mesmerized but overall he had that presence that made you want to get up & dance & he did just that when it came to him jamming on the piano & that was something he did righteously.

So my prayers & condolences are with his family & as a fan he'll forever be loved & missed & remembered through his music & will live on through his TV & film cameos but overall he's a bit of an influence to me as well & we'll all miss him dearly so rest well in paradise.

So with that said, I'll catch you on the flipside, stay awesome  & rock n roll.

Lil Richard tutti Frutti

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