Monday, October 1, 2018

DJ's Spotlight: An interview with Flat World Theory

Hello everyone DJ Dizzy here & I say down with a band called Flat World Theory who had a lot to say about their success  so pull up a chair & enjoy

Q: How'd you get started in music? 

A: You could say that we all started the same way. We all started in small young bands making adolescent music learning the ropes of performance and songwriting and  after a while it dawned on each of us that music is something we wanted to do. Flat World Theory was everyone's 3/4th go at being in a band wanting to make it professionally, we've all got the background of playing dirty pubs, playing in young punk bands and generally just being emersed in the alternative music scene so we all have that want to progress and become something more. 

Q: Who are your inspirations or influences? 

A: We've all got a little something different to each of us, while still having that main rock route in common. As a band the songwriting comes from James (Lead vocals and guitar). He's influenced by the likes of Foo Fighters and Incubus and that is what gives us an element of weirdness but also catchinessin our music. Russell (guitar and backing vocals) is more influenced by the likes of Reel Big Fish, The Darkness and The Offspring so that is where our tone and effects usually come from as he is a wizard at finding effects that suit us and our alternative nature. Rick (Drums) is influenced by the likes of 00s/90s punk and bands such as Fast cars and Deftones he's a tight drummer and keeps us all in line, they say the best bands have a killer rhythm section and we like to think we have that in Rick and Paul (Bass and Backing Vocals). Paul is influenced by the likes of Phil Lynott and Sting he's got one hell of a voice and helps to generally write the music and lyrics and get all those solid harmonies down while still keeping it tight on the bass. 

Q: What advice would you offer aspiring performers? 

A:  One thing we always maintained is to have an element of blind faith when we write our music and release it. Having blind faith simply just means trusting in yourself to make music that you think sounds good.  If you have false hope then you're always going to be let down because nothing will end up exactly as you hoped it would, with blind faith you're never going to be letting down any aspirations that you have, that's something that we as a band  would definitely offer in terms of advice.  Just keep on playing and if the music is good people will start to notice you 

Q: Any new gigs or albums in the future? 

A:  we got a lot of things currently in the works it's only a matter of time before we can reveal what we going to be doing there is definitely going to be some new music releases very soon  and definitely some more shows before the year is out but for now we can't say too much. Currently we are  at the end of promoting our last single "I am the forest" so we urge you all to check that out and get ready for some new releases very soon

I want to thank them for doing this interview & I wish them nothing but success & until then that's going to do it for me so stay awesome & I'll catch you on the flipside! Rock n roll!

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