Saturday, April 14, 2018

Thoughts of a DJ:The History of Rock n roll

Hey there one & all DJ Dizzy here & we're talking about  how rock got started. Now for some that don't really know rock got started in the 1950s with such pioneers such as Chuck Berry & Little Richard to name a few as you'll see in parts 1 & 2 of these videos.

Rock n roll became a huge part of American culture way back when & at the time it was the music your parents rebelled against but soon would evolve into multiple genres such as soft, hard, metal, & punk then soon would then take on a newer form  that of spoken word which would soon become rap & hip hop which came from rough neighborhoods & inner cities.

Gospel was also influenced by rock n roll which includes heavy instruments such as  electric guitars as well as screams & shouts.(Though I don't really recommend doing that when singing.) But soon rock would continue to impact the American culture even up to the present.  Some of its roots have been re imagined as pop & today more bands are more clean cut however there are still bands such as punk, hard, metal , & blues that still uphold their rock roots.

There was also jazz that incorporated soft rock undertones in some of their workings as well as classical which also includes some electric instruments in some of their music as well. A perfect example of that of the Tram Siberian Orchestra

Trans Siberian Orchestra- Sparks

While today rock n roll has clearly expanded its still a staple all around the world such as different parts of Europe & more & continues to be a huge influence on the next generation of performers such as many rap, rock R&B artists & more. To this very day it still continues to be a huge influence by way of the blues & it continues to be an impact on not just American culture but so many cultures all around the world.

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