Tuesday, September 27, 2022

DJ Interviews: Gloomstone

 Heres my inteerview with Gloomstone

(How did you get started in music?)

I originally started out as a guitarist for a few friends' bands and did vocals as well. With time though, the bands would eventually come to an end. Shortly after the last band I was in split up, I started producing harsh noise/drone music on my own under the name WRITHE. At the same time, I was also listening to a lot of soundcloud rap that was coming up at the time (Yung Lean, Bones, Xavier Wulf, Black Kray etc) and took a lot of influence from it. I eventually tried my hand at producing beats under the name MR. CHAMBERS and did that for a few years. Diving deeper into soundcloud while I was producing, I found more producers and artists that inspired me to make more stand-alone tracks rather than just beats. I ended up making a side project called LEGS LIKE TWIGS where I started to develop a sound I was aiming for. After a while I hated balancing the 2 projects and wanted to just combine them into one and that's how GLOOMSTONE eventually came to be.

(Who are your inspirations or influences?)

One of my biggest influences when I first started producing was Akira Yamaoka, who's known for composing music for the Silent Hill games. The more I dove into soundcloud the more artists I'd eventually find that would change everything for me and eventually lead me to change my whole style and name. Artists like Sadwrist, Where Swans Will Weep, Mazes Purr just to name a few. I take a lot of influence from all the different types of metal music I listen to whether it be hardcore, deathcore, death metal, grindcore and everything in between. Also a lot of my inspiration comes from the types of horror movies I grew up on, mostly stuff that was coming out when the whole boom of J-Horror was happening. Movies like Ringu (The Ring) and Ju-on (The Grudge) really stuck with me.

(What advice would you offer aspiring performers?)

Make music and perform because you love to do it and don't stress about numbers. I've seen a lot of producers/artists come and go because they think they aren't getting enough attention or aren't progressing how they think they should be. Worrying about that stuff will stress you out and make you lose your drive and it's something you really shouldn't worry about to begin with. Create because you want to and because it's what you love to do.

(How do you set yourself apart from other artists)

I'm honestly not sure, I just really wanna make music that makes people wanna either mosh, dance and cry.

 (Any new gigs or albums in the future?)

Got a bunch of shows in VRChat lined up for October and recently released a new album called WILT that I'm extremely proud of. After these next few shows are over, I plan on working on new music immediately after, I hope you all enjoy it whenever I finally decide to release it.

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