Monday, June 29, 2020

DJ Interviews: Love Batalion

Hey there everyone DJ Dizzy here & I'm proud to present a band who have so much to share on their success so I proudly present to you Love Batalion!

How'd you get started in music?
Each of us has a different story in how we started in Music.  Parents influence, Rebellion, Creativity, just all over the place, the key is what speaks to your soul and fills that void that nothing will and brings you happiness.  Music is the Ultimate Release that connects with everyone.

Who are your inspirations or influences?
Our Influences are all over the map with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Sly and the Family Stone, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Iron Maiden, Mother Love Bone, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Nirvana, AC/DC, Iggy Pop, to Johnny Cash the list goes on and on. We have a wide range of influences for sure. We just take them all and blend it together and see what comes out, and the Demo's just touch the surface of what is to come. 
What advice would offer aspiring performers?
Our Advice is to never give up, continue to practice and perform as much as possible.  Play with confidence and stand out.  Mistakes happen, and sometimes the best things come from experimenting and making mistakes.  Be adventurous and give it your all, no matter what people say.  You are the one that knows you and you can do anything if you put your mind to it, don't let people drag you down, stay positive and play like no one is listening and always give 110% when performing.  You never know who may be in the crowd, so always give it your all.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
We do what we enjoy and play music for us.  Of course, you want people to like what you are doing, but when it is all said and done we do it for us and hope everyone enjoys it.  We want to make people get up and move.  We want the songs to be that emotional roller coaster that takes you on a journey and brings you full circle.  No they all can't be that way, so some are just out and back, and to the point, but we definitely want the songs to affect you in some way, the way it affects us writing them and letting our emotions play through our instruments.  As far as trying  to set ourselves apart from others, we give it our all.  When we record, it is in a live setting and capturing the moment.  The Demo's CD was recorded in 6 practices, that is showing up, jamming an idea at that moment, working on it, laying it out and hopefully capturing a good take live.  The CD was done in less that 12 hours and we just threw it out there to see what people thought.  If you can't play it live, then it shouldn't be recorded.  A Lot of bands rely on a lot of processing and things that take away what music was all about, capturing the human spirit through music.  I hate seeing bands live and I hear keyboards, but there is no keyboard player on stage.  Some bands you go see live, and think well the signer was probably sick, or having an off night, but in all actuality, they can't pull it off live, they rely on too many studio tricks to make that sound for the recording.  We just want to be honest with our fans and audience because that is what we want from bands, because we are all fans of music first and foremost.  We just try to give back to the audience what we would want to see and hear.  Which would be a high energy show with a lot of interaction with our fans without the attitudes, because we are grateful to play music and the fans are the ones that make it all possible.  

Any new gigs or albums in the future?
Gigs with this Pandemic are pretty much null and void at the moment, but we are hoping things are starting to be lifted and shows will be coming up soon.  We want everyone to be safe, so of course we can wait until that moment happens for sure.  We are always working on new music and already have another CD's worth of music to be recorded and released to our fans.  

The night that all of this mess with Covid started to happen and they were cancelling everything is the night that we finished shooting our First Official Video.  It was released about three weeks after that evening.  Check it out, it is on Youtube under the LOVE BATTALION Channel.

We have also released various T-shirts, and merchandise available for our fans to purchase at our shows, or reach out to us on Twitter, or Email at  We will get with you directly and figure out the shipping and purchasing costs if you would be interested and cannot make it to a show soon enough or live across the pond.   We have Limited Edition CD's that are numbered and autographed by the band and we will personalize them specific to you if you would like to purchase one of those as well.  We will be getting our Website up soon, where all of this will be available for purchase as well.  We would love to have everyone wearing our shirts, bandanas, toboggans and spreading the LOVE!

Please Follow us, like us, and reach out and talk to us, we are very accessible on all platforms and would love to hear from our fans.   We are not to the point that we have people doing stuff for us, so if you do get a response, and you will.  Just know that it is from us and legit.  Thank you So much and it is because of our Fans and people like Dizzy Storms that keep Indie Music Alive and Well and make this all possible.  

Thank you for the Interview and we hope to do this again sometime soon!  Stay safe and Healthy and don't lick any door knobs.

Keep the LOVE Alive!


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