Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Thoughts on hard rock

Hey there all DJ Dizzy here & well this time around I've been doing some studying regarding hard rock & metal

Now for those who don't really know let me give you the story. Rock n roll was evolved from the black renaissance era were art & music came alive.

Soon after rock n roll would then become a fixture in American culture as it became the music that gave the youth a voice with help from such pioneers such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, & much more.

Then soon after rock n roll would then evolve into even more genres such as pop. hard & soft rock & metal. However many argue that metal was actually involved with the occult when in actuality that's not really the case
In actuality both hard rock originated from rock n roll but with a harder & edgier sound because since rock n roll has transitioned to pop it has no longer become the music to rebel against.

So with that we would soon find a voice through grunge would then became hard rock & soon giving us a voice once again as well as metal. Metal originated in Europe & parts of Scandinavia from its roots as most of it incorporates operatic & classical music as well as edgier undertones as some screaming vocals included.

Despite what some people think metal doesn't have to do with the occult while it does have some dark undertones to it keep in mind the term 'death metal' is derived from the medieval  history which Scandinavia & Europe were best known for & thus inspiration was taken from these various stories that were told.

So hard rock as you can see has had a huge impact on the world & has been transformed into many different genres. Though it still continues to thrive there are still some traces used in some music genres such as nu metal which incorporates rap & hip hop  & dub step  which is a techno metal fusion as well as speed metal. And despite what anyone says about it hard rock is here to stay as is music & rock n roll altogether!

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