Friday, May 13, 2016

Take it or leve it (The Real me) -lyrics

Take it or leave it (The Real Me) - Lyrics


(Verse 1)

There was once a time when
I was once like you,
always wanting more.
Bailing out on friends & in their

Faces I went & slammed all doors.
People do anything to try to

Play it cool only to end up a fool.
We all have regrets & we all make mistakes

I’ve got one mistake I’ll never make.


I don’t need the validation

Of the hip & cool crowd

I’ve got my own life to live

& I’m living it out loud.

When all is said & done

I’m just out to have some fun.

This is who I am & all I’ll be

Take it or leave it this is the real me.


(Verse 2)

No you won’t find me
bathed in the spotlight’s glow.

I don’t need the world to pick me
Up when I’m feeling low

I’ve got my own path to walk
It’s something that I choose.

Place all your bets on glamour
& you’re bound to lose.

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo.)

(Chorus repeats.)

(Guitar solo fade out.)

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