Saturday, May 15, 2021

DJ Interviews: Neil Mckay


I have to let you know that I'm not a DJ, although I did DJ for a few years in the 90s. I'm happy to talk about that if you want. 

My recent musical projects include personal songs and famous poems I've songified, which aren't recorded yet and 5 songs that I have released on YouTube, which need more explanation. I produced them on my phone, using only voice samples from a podcast. They're part parodies of famous songs which discuss the trailers for Star Wars movies. The most popular is 'This Is Corellia' - the only time I've done a complete parody, matching every beat & note of This Is America by manipulating the voices of people I've never met. You can find all my videos here.

I'm currently recording a podcast with my oldest son, talking about our favourite music videos & breaking down 1 minute of Man With A Movie Camera (1929) in each episode. This hasn't been released yet, but we're finally getting things moving after it being on hold for 2 years.

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