Saturday, April 30, 2022

DJ Interviews : Laura Russo

Hey there guys DJ Dizzy here & I'm taking a little break from the music for a special interview with a movie director who has a new movie called Fear Frequency so join me as she speaks with me on her humble beginnings & be sure to check out her latest projects in the links below.

How'd you get started doing movies?

My interest and love of all thing's cinema started very young but my
entrance into making films began through acting. Working as an actor,
spending time on set and absorbing all of the departments at work, was
essentially my film school. While acting I was always focused on
becoming a filmmaker. I really enjoy every aspect of the process- from
developing and writing the script, through every stage of the
production. I was eventually able to build a core network of like
minded filmmaker friends and we began creating and shooting our own
projects- first a few short films and progressing onto features.

Who are your main inspirations as far as movies or actors go?

My main inspirations in film are from the suspense, sci-fi and horror
genres and its directors. Such as: Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick,
David Lynch, Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palma. More contemporary
influences would be Quentin Tarantino, Nicholas Winding Refin and
David Fincher. I am also greatly influenced by and a fan of the French
New Wave cinema movement and directors such as Jean-Luc Godard. His
use of experimental and avant-garde techniques, ambiguous characters,
motives and endings revolutionized filmmaking. While engaging in
social and political upheavals of the era, making use of irony and
exploring existential themes. What really set this movement apart was
the young filmmakers who circumvented the big studios to craft low
budget, "Indie" films that were fresh, irreverent and completely
modern and placed the creative power in the hands of the director.
This is the style of filmmaking that I gravitate to and feel gives the
best opportunity for the purest creative vision to end up on the

Can you remember the first film you ever saw that got you started?

I guess that would have to be the old Film Noir classics. As a child I
would stay up late at night watching them with my Mom, who loved
suspense and mysteries, and if it was a particularly scary one, I
would end up not being able to sleep that night. Then as I got a bit
older, I would spend weekends at the multiplex going from one theatre
to the next until I had watched every film. But the first film
influences were definitely Film Noir. I really loved the black and
white, shadows, lighting and mood created. Along with the suspense,
character driven and well crafted stories with razor sharp dialogue,
venomous humor and always a femme fatale. I remember Double Indemnity,
Sunset Boulevard, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, Lost Weekend and
Detour having a huge effect on me as a kid- such great stories and
characters that completely drew me in.

What advice would you offer to people who want to pursue filmmaking?

For anyone wanting to pursue filmmaking I think the best advice I can
give is just start shooting with whatever camera you have. Have a
solid concept, take the time to write a story using whatever locations
you have available and start shooting. Work on your craft- trial and
error can be the best teacher. And when you have a completed film,
entering your work in film festivals is a great way to gain exposure.
Or if you are good on social media, doing short content based on your
feature ideas and posting on various platforms is also a great way to
get interest and exposure for your work.

 Any new projects coming up in the future?

Yes I have two projects in development and out for financing. A very
unique and gritty sci-fi thriller titled "Dead Stream" Tim Huddleston,
my producing partner and I wrote the script and I will direct.

And a wonderfully frightening and disturbing horror film "Survivor
Girl" written by Tim and I will direct. We shot a short film based on
the feature script and went through festivals winning several awards.

I am very excited about my current film "Fear Frequency" starring
Julienne Davis known for Stanley Kubricks "Eyes Wide Shut." The film
has won two Best Actress Awards for Julienne and a Best Film and a
Best Thriller Award. The sci-fi psychological horror/thriller is
available now on Amazon Prime Video. Links are below for Amazon along
with our websites where we can be contacted for more info about any of
our projects.

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