Monday, December 7, 2020

The Rebirth of Music Part 1 Intro & how it all began

Hello everyone its DJ Dizzy here & I wanted to share yet another thing I wanted to share regarding how music has shaped & changed the world as we know ir so pull up a chair as we take a journey through the rebirth of music

These sources were provided by some of my personal knowledge of music & also from the PBS documentary The History of Rock n Roll & the following photos from different websites which shall be covered later.
=The following presentation is about the history of music which for most of you may think started in the late 80s & early 90s but has been around even before those times even happened.  In fact it happened in a time of big bands, swing, but it was the 50s that would change the music world from here on out…….

The year was 1954 & it was in Nashville TN where Sun records was born you had artists like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Howling Wolf, Jerry Lewis, Johnny Cash, Elvis Priestley,  & Carl Perkins who made up the Million Dollar Quartet.

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