Friday, August 2, 2019

DJ Interviews: Ingrid Smith

Hello everyone its DJ Dizzy & I had the pleasure of talking with a singer who hails out of Orlando Florida  by the name of Ingrid Smith who had a lot to say about her musical beginnings.

1) How did I get started ? I had to think, what really made me going into the musical direction. I wanted to become an actress, my family did not approve, they said when you are 21, you are on your own, if you still like to become an actress, go for it. Well, I went to Language School ( I am originally from Germany) learned English, French and Spanish and worked for a bank. Then a group of musicians were looking for a singer, they had a contract to work on US Bases throughout Europe, I applied, never sang in my life, besides in school in a choir, Well, I auditioned and got the job, and traveled with the band throughout Europe for 10 years. I got married, moved to the US with my husband, opened up a jewelry business with Disney, and then it hit me again ... here I am singing again.

2) I was mainly inspired by American, French and Spanish Singers and Bands. I love all music, from Classic to Pop, I am not so crazy about country, because I cannot relate too ... my biggest inspirations are Michael Jackson and Tina Turner.

3) The advice I can give to young musicians and singers is to make sure, not to rely or become rich on an income based on your music or talent. There is luck, whoever listens to you, there is marketing, there is the special you have to have, and Yes, I know, everyone is special, but it's that certain WOW or that FEELING or the GOOSEBUMPS ....and it might have nothing to do with talent, or what you have studied and learned. So make sure, you will always have plan B, something you like, but gives you security to do something where your passion is ... it works .....

3) I think I set myself apart, by being the artist who likes to please myself, not necessarily other people, I love to create, sometimes something unusual, sometimes something old fashioned, Music is Mathematics, so I am business oriented, but not only in music, if I make money with a business so I can take care of myself and my passion, that's what sets me apart and gives me fulfillment.

4) I am working on a new album, but I mainly work on licensing my songs to commercial outlets worldwide, and I am fairly lucky with it, within a year, I got 7 songs licensed, I like to get more licensing in TV. movie and Commercials, because this is the future, if you do not perform live, streaming and downloading will be something from the past in another 2 to 3 years, and even public appearances will be replaced by virtual reality..... there will be still live performances, but there will be another trend. My future music and projects go a bit more into Transcendence and messages with a rhythm.

Special thanks to her for this interview & I wish her nothing but luck in her career.So until then I'll catch you on the flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!