Monday, March 4, 2019

DJ Interviews: Broken Empire

Hello everyone DJ Dizzy here & I've sat down with none other than a band who hail from England & answer to Broken Empire who had alot to say regarding their humble beginnings. So lets hear it for them!

Broken Empire is - Ieuan Owen on Vocals, Matt Stevens on Guitar, Marco Arena on Bass, Ricky Hill on Drums)

1. How'd you get started in music?
Ricky Hill - “My Dad is in a very popular covers band, so I got brought up around Rock music and decided that Drums was the coolest instrument to play!”
Ieuan Owen -I remember my older Brother giving me a guitar when I was younger, and I just became mesmerised by how good he was.”
Marco Arena - “My first taste of music was when I was around 8/9 playing piano. It wasn’t until the age of around 17/18 that I came across the bass guitar, and that was mainly because the band I was in at the time desperately needed a bass player. After months of searching and not finding anyone I decided to play the bass myself!”
Matt Stevens - “I was pretty much born with a guitar in my hand! One of my earliest memories of music was seeing Led Zeppelin on TOTP when I was a kid, that basically set me on my way to becoming a guitarist!”

2. Who are your inspirations or influences?
MS - “Mine would have to be Mark Tremonti, Slash, Jon Petrucci and Jason Becker”
IO - “My big inspiration growing up was Metallica! I’d say Killswitch Engage and Bullet for my Valentine had a massive impact in my playing and singing styles, lyrically, technically, and in shaping my taste in music. Right now it’s Parkway Drive - I had the chance to see them recently and their performance was incredible!”
MA - “Growing up it was always Queen and Michael Jackson. In my teenage years it was the two opposite styles in Green Day and Iron Maiden. Another big influence for me has always been Rage Against The Machine”
RH - “Band wise it’s, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Tremonti, Periphery and Of Mice & Men. But I’d say in terms of my playing I’ve always looked up to Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) and Matt Halpern (Periphery)”

3. What advice would offer aspiring performers?
MA - “Not sure I can, I still need advice myself! Ha-ha!”
RH - “Practice definitely makes perfect! You have to play what makes you happy and what makes a connection with you. I also think playing with musicians that are better than you is good as it really makes you push yourself further.”
IO - “Just express yourself and have fun on stage. It’s contagious!”
MS -The hardest thing for new and unsigned bands is getting your music heard and getting people to WANT to come to your gigs, but I'm a firm believer that if your music is good people will listen. It can't be easy or everyone would do it!

4. How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
RH - “Well, we have a singer with a crazy Mo-Hawk and a crazy Italian on Bass, so what more do you need!? Musically we are the crossover between Rock & Metal, so have a bit of something for everyone to enjoy!”
MS - “We love playing our music, we love writing our music, and we love it when people love it!”
MA - “Practice as if you are the worst and play as if you are the best! This could also be my answer to what advice I would offer!!”
IO - “We really pride ourselves on how tight we are live, and our songs aren’t half bad either! Ha-ha!”

5. Any new gigs or albums in the future?
RH - “We are shaping up for another busy year this year with loads of gigs coming up including some support slots with our good friends in Stormbringer and Skarlett Riot, as well as some Festivals in the Summer which we are really looking forward to! In between all the gigs we also have our Brand New EP called Fractures coming out towards the end of April! We’ve already released a couple of tracks from the EP and everyone has loved them so we can’t wait for everyone to hear the full EP! Make sure you follow us on Social Media (@brokenempireuk) to keep up to date with all the latest news and announcements!

Special thanks to them for this interview & I wish them nothing but luck on their success & their music. So until then stay awesome & I'll catch you on the flipside! Rock n roll!

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