Sunday, March 31, 2019

DJ interviews: Break Me Down

Hey there everyone DJ Dizzy here & I sat down with a band who call themselves Break me Down as they talk about their success & their music.

How'd you get started in music?

Laerte (Guitar): “I started to play 24 y.a. because music has always been a big deal in my family. My uncle gave me my very first guitar lesson and was love at first sight... during the years I had many bands until I decided to found Break Me Down. Actually, a couple of years ago I decided to take a break from music but, suddenly, I realized that something was missing in my life and that was the right moment to form my dream team. I contacted back my old drummer and bass player and we formed a new band. We started to look for a new singer and while we were auditioning, one night, we decided to have a beer and chill somewhere and we went in a rock pub where Faith was performing that night with her GNR tribute band.  After the show, I asked her if she could be interested in our project… the answer was: Let’s try! Since we also needed a second guitar player, Morris, her guitarist at that time, joined the band as well. After a very few months we lost our drummer cause he wanted to play other genres but we, eventually, found our 5th element:

Fabio. This is how our story began…” Recently Faith left as well the band but another great singer joined us, Irene, she works really hard and, to be honest, I can perceive a bright future for us, we can’t wait to go in the studio with her. You’ll be genuinely surprised when you will listen to her voice!!! Stay connected!

Who are your inspirations or influences?

Morris (Guitar): When you put together 5 different musicians you have 5 different backgrounds, and you have to find out which influences they have in common. Our biggest influence is the band Alter Bridge. When we formed BMD, especially

Laerte and I were obsessed by their sound, I think we started from there! Than, our sound changed during our first year because we known each other better, so our differences made our strength. What advice would offer aspiring performers?

Beppe (Bass): humility! You have to work hard if you want succeed but you have to do that always with humility and respect! Listen to your band mates and doing everything together...that will be a first step to your success. Maybe you don’t become famous but you will always remember that as you did something great.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

Fabio (Drums): good question ... it is very hard to emerge because there are so many valid bands that deserve better luck ... we focus on writing songs, lyrics and, above all, on live shows, we think that the difference is always what you transmit on stage ...  we received always a good response from the presence on our dates and from our social media.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

Irene (Singer): We will play at Valhalla Pub in Borgo Ticino, Saturday March 30th, it will my very first time on stage with these guys and I’m super excited about it.  Next step is come out with our first record! We are working hard to write new songs and we will come back in studio in May so I think the next one will be a very demanding year. When the album will come out We hope to start a little European tour.! Stay tuned!

Special thanks to them for doing this interview & I wish them nothing but luck in their success so until then stay awesome & I'll catch you on the flipside! Rock n roll!

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