Saturday, April 14, 2018

DJ's Spotlight: An Interview with Bourbon House

Hello everyone DJ Dizzy here & this time around I've had the pleasure of talking to an indie band by the name of Bourbon House who had a lot to say about how they got started. I've also had the pleasure of checking out a few of their videos on You Tube so feel free to have a look & enjoy the interview!

t's a different story for both of us. In 1997, Jason was recruited into a party cover band after spending years in his dorm room teaching himself how to play guitar. He's been in several bands and wrote several originals in all of them. Lacey was a closet singer for most of her life and only started in a band when she met Jason. I guess you can say he pulled the voice out of her.

We have so many influences it's hard to point to only a few. You can definitely hear some Jimmy Page influence in Jason's writing style, but he really looked up to all of the guitar heroes and tried to learn something from them. He doesn't try to emulate anyone in particular . His style is groovy and little funky and little hard rock and a little bluesy, and it's his own. Lacey is inspired by powerhouse singers and singing along to Janis Joplin, Chris Cornell, Ann Wilson, and anyone else with genuine soul in their voices made her the vocalist she is today. She definitely picked up some tricks along the way, but her style is also her own. 

We do this for a living. We hear people say music is life all the time, and it really is for us. We play as a duo almost every weekend with covers and originals and then we also play with our full original band. We're living the dream!

The easiest advice to give to aspiring musicians and also the most important is to keep at it. It seems obvious, but a lot of bands don't do it. We don't make excuses for ourselves and we don't look at setbacks as failures. Every year is better than the last. Every gig, even with our little acoustic duo, brings something good. You also need to set goals and work hard at it. Stay sober. Work with good people (your bandmates, your engineer, your producer, your agents and promoters) and realize when a musical relationship isn't beneficial to your career. If you want it to be a profession, make it one. Simply, just do it. And don't be afraid to seek out help and make new connections.

We're releasing an album this summer! That's pretty exciting for us because we already have an EP out and we've only starting writing just over a year ago. We have gigs around the Central Wisconsin area, but nothing big and exciting yet. However, we are planning a fall of 2018 tour and we will announce those dates on our social platforms and our website. 

Here are our links:

Twitter handle: @bourbonhouseduo

You can also follow and stream us on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and basically anywhere else music is distributed. 

So here's to you all for your success & I wish you nothing but good luck in the future. So until then be radically righteous & I'll catch you on the flipside!

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