Sunday, March 4, 2018

Thoughts of a DJ: Why music matters to me & what really makes a band

Hey everyone DJ Dizzy here with another thought that's way overdue to be heard I'm going to talk about what music means to me. Its not just what you hear on the radio or see on TV by way of a video Its a lot more than that its something you feel both inside & out.

Its a feeling of euphoria that you feel & whenever you feel it within the song you hear or sing then others will soon sense that as well. That's just apart of what makes a true musician or a singer. Not just living some lifestyle or to have a lot of money. You have to really hear & feel the music within to really get an understanding. But also you have to remember this when your in a band.

Musicianship & talent on your instrument are important but there's more to being in a band than that. You have to remember Cs which are compassion, cooperation, courage, confidence, & Comradery with your bandmates. I say this a lot because I tend to notice with some bands there's a lot of fighting
because someone wants to be the front person , always in the spotlight because they feel they made the band or group what it is & without them they'd be nothing.

In fact I can't tell you how many times I've seen bands break up over something like image or ego that's not what being in a band should mean but rather just taking the time to be more considerate of others. You have to remember everyone deserves their fair share of spotlight & their chance to shine so any lead singers check the ego at the door. Also know this its not always going to be about how good you sound but how well you can play & let your confidence  shine through your performance & through your playing.

You also have to have the courage to be about the music & of course to have fun with the song set really change it up. Don't also forget to cooperate with your bandmates when it comes to some of their ideas & suggestions because sometimes they might have something to offer if you just take the time to listen to what they're really saying.  & remember always that compassion for your fans & your friends & bandmates will keep you level headed.

Bottom line is don't let the fame go to your head because it can do a lot to you if you're not careful.
Being in a band can be hard work but its all worth it & as long as you can have fun & get in just a bit of practice then you should be okay.

Music means a lot to me because its a real rush when I hear my favorite song on the radio or on TV because once it starts I can't help but crank up the volume & rock out loud.  As I mentioned already its just a feeling of euphoria that you feel when you get into it. Its not so much about the fame or fortune but just to have fun & bringing people together because they sense your passion for music.
As it should be.

Well I just thought I'd share that thought so keep it in mind for those who might want to become a musician or join a band. & remember to have fun with it because fame & fortune isn't worth having.
Until then be radically righteous & I'll catch you on the flipside.

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