Saturday, March 3, 2018

Rock n roar- Lyrics

Rock N Roar -  Lyrics

(Hard rock instrumental)
(Verse 1) 

Got an instrument & my voice

And I’m going to use them both by choice.

The music’s in my blood

I can feel it bleeding out.

When the beat hits me it makes me

Want to shout. (Wow!)

Not holding back anything

That’s right the time is now!



Tonight we’re going to rock n roar!

 (Leave them begging for more.)

We’re going to rock & roar

(Really rock the dance floor.)

Get rid of it hard as you try

Rock n roll will never die

We’re going to rock & roar!

(Get loud & make some noise!)

 (Verse 2)

No use in holding anything back

That’s when I attack I’ve got the urge to

 Rock n roll!

When then beat hits the crowd

No doubt we’re going to shout it loud

Feel the rhythm enter your soul!

(Lose control)

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental.)

(Chorus repeats twice.)



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