Thursday, January 5, 2017

Not The Sellout-Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Underneath all the glam

deep down I feel like a robot

at your beckoned call.

Do this, do that well to them

I say thanks but no thanks.

Trying to be someone so hot

When we all know they’re not

Between you& me I’m

better off doing my thing.

Try to make me the star

you want me to be

dude that’s not me.

Breaking free from the life

I once had but don’t want to know.

What’s done is done I’ve had my fill



Busting out from this prison

Make your move yeah I dare you.

Don’t change me for the better.

I’m shouting this out from my soul.


Not the sellout you want me to be

No way I’ll sell out myself or my beliefs.



(Verse 2)

Superstars everywhere

Ruling their tricked out golden hell.

The last I want to do is hide in a

frozen faced shell.

Not about endorsements

It all makes no sense.

You won’t catch me on any billboards.

modeling designer clothes

Or material things

None of that matters to me.

Selling out is what I won’t do

From it all you have to break away.

(Repeat chorus)


(Chorus repeats)

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