Sunday, January 1, 2017

Full Throttle- Lyrics

Full Throttle- Lyrics

(Verse 1)

No one to hold me back

Nothing to hold me down

I’m coming full speed & I’m ready to go!

What is this feeling taking over me?

It dominates every fiber of my being.

I’m a real live wire that can’t be tamed.

That’s just how I play the game.

Make way I’m in full swing

Now I’m going to do my thing.



I’m a full throttle brawler

Going to rock your town

Coming at you be ready

when I throw down

No more messing around

Take heed to this sound

(Verse 2)

Without a doubt I’m going full throttle.

Be ready to feel my rage

Like being locked up in a cage

The gloves are off no way I’ll quit

You can slow me down all you like

So hear me all of you haters

Can take a  long hike.

When everything’s all said & done

I’m not stopping until this fight is won.

(Repeat chorus)

(Guitar solo, keyboard solo.)

(Chorus repeats twice.)

We’re full throttle brawlers!


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